Carbon Steel Griddle

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Apr 9, 2010
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My parents got me a 'Made In' Carbon Steel Griddle for christmas. It is the model that has holes on one half of it, so that makes it for grill/outdoor use only. I already have a solid cast iron one for my Yoder that I use on occasion. I am looking for ideas on what to cook on it as the holes on one side seem to limit the uses. As they are fairly expensive, I would hate to not use it. Any ideas out of the box aside from burgers, searing steaks, veggies. I am assuming the holes are to let smoke through or if using on a firepit, flames. I appreciate any input.

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Cheese steaks, smash burger, veggies, pancakes...
Pretty much anything you would do in a frying pan you can do on a griddle.
I'd use the holes to get a little char on veggies & shrimp etc that might fall through the grates. Could also get rid of excess grease if needed.
What thoughtful parents! And what a swell griddle!! I admit the holes are a poser. Veggies and small items like the above suggestion makes sense. Enjoy!
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Veggies , bread slices , pizza , anything in a pan , sear on the solid side , then shift over ?
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