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  1. My first attempt at Canadian bacon using Pop wet cure. I started with 3lb loin and injected and in the cure bucket for 16 days, rinsed it off and soaked it for about 6 hours then rubbed with spog and in the fridge overnight. Smoked in the MES 30 corncob and oak pellets in the amnps for 8 hours @ 130 degrees the bumped the temp up to 200 and pulled it at 150 IT. Wrapped in plastic wrap and let it rest for 24hrs in the fridge then in the freezer for about 45 minute before slicing.Sorry no pics of the smoke but here is the finished product minus and few pieces the wife tested.
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    UD, looks like your CB was a success!
  3.  yes it turned out better than I expected I will definitely make more
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    That looks very nice , [​IMG]

    Thanks for the look.

    Have fun and . . .
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    Looks Great Uncle Dave!!![​IMG]

    It even looks Tender from here!!!

    And Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]

    You did a Great Job!!------------[​IMG]

  6. Great looking CB Uncle Dave [​IMG]

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