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Canadian bacon trial run, Bearcarver’s method

Joined Sep 7, 2020
Even though I just joined today, I’ve been perusing a few threads here for ideas. Here’s a trial run at Canadian bacon I did about a month ago

I had about a third of a raw pork loin I set aside to attempt making Canadian bacon Using Bearcarver’s tutorial.

it took a while to find TQ in a local store, but the day I did I got it started curing. My loin was rather flat, so the calculated cure time was about 6 days. I went a few extra days to be sure.

Cut a slice from the center to check for complete cure and and pan-fried It to test for salt. Delicious! Salt was just right !

I didn’t want “flat” bacon, so I “squished” it more round and tied it up with butcher twine:

Lightly seasoned outside with onion powder, garlic powder and black pepper. Sent it to my KJ with a half-basket of hickory lump charcoal and a few chunks of hickory for added smoke.

unfortunately I was on a conference call and overshot the IT and ended up over cooking it a bit:

run through the slicer, here’s the finished bacon:

End result...slightly over cooked but still delicious!

A question...could the bacon be smoked over pellets in an AMAZEN rack without charcoal heat, and then cooked over charcoal or oven baked to final IT? I would have liked to have more smokey flavor.

After this trial batch I acquired an InkBird WiFi thermometer to monitor temps more closely in case I get stuck on a phone call again 😜


Steve H

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As long as it's fully cured. Then cold smoking is fine. Then finish on the grill or smoker. For CB. I wet cure for 14 days if it is thick. Look up pop's brining method for CB. It is goof proof. And gives great results.


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As Steve said you'll be fine cold smoking the bacon. I'm not a huge fan of CB, but your's looks real good to me.

Point for sure


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Great looking bacon. I have done Bear Carvers and Pops and they are both great.

Joined Sep 7, 2020
As Steve said you'll be fine cold smoking the bacon. I'm not a huge fan of CB, but your's looks real good to me.

Point for sure
one of my first jobs as a kid was in a pizza joint. I loved snacking on the sliced CB we used on pizzas.

and yes - pineapple will go on the pizza when I put CB on it! :emoji_laughing:


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Looks Great Penguin!!!
That must have really been a thin Loin, as mine always figure longer than that.
I never cure Bacon for less than 8 Days, and I note that in my Bacon Step by Steps, but I never made that note on a CB Step by Step, because it always measures well over that point.

You can Smoke it to any Temp you want, and in any way, just so it gets to 145° IT at some point before you eat it.
I Smoke my CB & BBB to 145°IT, so I could eat it cold, but mainly so I don't have to take the chance of burning it when frying it to 145°. Instead all I do is warm it up in a Pan.

You should give the Wet cure a try, to see which you like best.
However I use the "TQ Dry Cure Method", because IMHO the other way gives a washed out flavor from sitting in mostly water for Weeks.

Yours Looks Very Tasty.
Nice Job!


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