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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by s2k9k, Sep 17, 2012.

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    OK this has caught my interest, guess I just want to try something new. I have read about 40 threads on this and I am confused. Most of the threads talk about dry curing with TQ but I have a bunch or Cure#1 so I want to use it and do a wet cure. I think i will just use "Pops Brine" but would like to impart more flavor so what would go good in the brine for flavor? I am not afraid of heat and prefer it over sweet.

    Now the smoking part really has got me. I have read all kinds of techniques from starting at 130* with no smoke for 4 hours then adding smoke and increasing temps every hour to smoking at 225* until IT reaches 160*. So I am a little confused about the smoking part. What is the easiest way but still get great results? it doesn't have to be real easy, I can maintain temps down to 130* in my smoker and don't mind babysitting it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I'm tired of reading threads about TQ and it's just getting me more confused!
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    For some weird reason this never showed up in the forum so I'm going to give it a bump and see what happens.
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    Smoke at 225 until IT of 150.  Works beautifully.

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    I simplify Bear's technique a bit by reducing the number of temp steps and timing by the IT. Start with a cold smoke for a few hours then about 150* until meat gets to 125* then 175* until meat hits 150-155*. Takes a bit longer but I like it a tad dryer than most.

    I have not done a side by side but I would think the drying/smoking process for brine VS dry/TQ should be the same. Just another experiment for taste and texture on the list.

    I have always sliced, vacuum packed and frozen the final product and not intending to hijack the thread, but I am curious as what it would take to make this shelf stable like the little jars on the store shelves. 
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    Thanks Ed, that looks really good! When you say "add heat" do you smoke it at 225*? And is 145* safe to eat without further cooking? 
    Thanks Sound, Do you think the slower process makes it drier? I would rather have it moister so Would a higher heat help achieve that?

    No problem on the hijack! I would like to learn as much as I can so I appreciate the added question!
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    Do you think the slower process makes it drier?  Yup, kinda like making jerky, the longer the meat is exposed to heat and air, the drier it will get. But I don't want to over cook it.

    You are going to get the IT up to the "safe" zone much faster with the higher temp..170-180 and not dry the stuff so much. I hold the lower temps for a bit longer to slow down the cooking and allow more moisture to evaporate from the outside and still maintain a relatively short processing time. (not like the original recipes...hanging it for weeks after smoking)

    It may look too dry when I remove it but I found that letting it rest for a couple of days before slicing, what moisture remains in the center of the meat redistributes to the outside for an even, semi-dry consistency that I prefer. 
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    Dave, like any Pork Loin 145*F is fully cooked and can be eaten right out of the refer. I like CB moist so I would Smoke around 180-200*F until 140-145* with a rest. I have not made one yet so this is just an educated guess. As far as the flavor profile you like, Pops' Brine is great, I have used it for Belly bacon, and you would probably like the result of adding 1/2C of my Original Rub, leave out the Salt, to the Brine. I would also give a good rub down with the same Rub or straight up Cayenne or Chipotle Powder to the outside of the cured CB and give it 24-48 hour nap before smoking. Should be flavorful and plenty Spicy by the time all said and done. This is the same method as making Tasso and it is really good...JJ
  9. Wet or dry brining will certainly both work. but wet has an advantage because loin is so lean. It's good to pump up those cells with a wet brine for moistness.
    As far as smoking goes....for the maximum moistness, cold smoke it and only cook it once, gently it a fry pan, low medium heat, flip every 15 seconds for faster more even cooking and guaranteed moistness.
    Cooking the hell out of it ain't a good thing!

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    Thanks JJ! That sounds like the plan there, I really like the Original rub and after reading the Tasso link (Thanks) it really sounds like what I'm looking for except moist not dry like the Tasso.

    Do I need to dry it or go for a pellicle before smoking or just stick it in there?
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    Thanks Martin, That's why I wanted a wet cure recipe over a dry cure and most on here are dry cure, also I'm wanting something I can slice, vac/seal, freeze, then just take out and eat whenever i want without having to cook, so I'll try not to cook the hell out of it and get it out right at 145*.

    Now I just need to get back home so I get get this long wait started!
  12. In that case, after cold-smoking and resting a few days, I like to very gently steam it on a rack in a covered roasting pan with 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of water in the bottom at 160-165 oven desired internal temperature...starting with a cold oven.

    Cheers, peace and bacon grease,

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    Dave like any Bacon you want a Pellicle to form, mostly cause it looks better than a streaky surface...JJ
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    JJ, I mixed up a batch of the Tasso Rub yesterday and letting the flavors get to know each other today. I'm going with your suggestion above but now have been thinking I want to do a sweet one at the same time just to compare and my Dad will like sweet better so do you have any suggestions for a sweet brine or rub that would work? I was thinking of adding maple syrup to the brine, what do you think of that?
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    Hey Dave... As far as drying it out goes... I just did a canter cut pork roast Sunday.. I brined for 24 hrs first and smoked until 155`IT @225`... It was still a very moist piece at that IT... just saying the brine will keep it moist even at a lil higher IT ... good luck...
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    Man Chef Jimmy that sounds unreal! I'm going to get loins on Tuesday and give this a try. How long in POP's brine? Is 10 days enough, or should I inject it?
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    I just injected mine with about a 10% solution and then stuck them in bags and drowned them, I'll see them again in 10 days!
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    Well, how did the CB come out? 
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