Can you get too much smoke from AMNPS

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  1. I just set up my mailbox mod and am taking it through its paces in a quick test run. I used the AMNPS inside my MES30 last week and was effective but i wanted to get it out of the unit. Anyways how many holes should the box have for optimal airflow. I didn't add any extra holes there are 4 to 6 in the bottom for mounting purposes I assumed that would be enough but every so often I'll check on it and the smoke seems heavy. Should I reduce air in or out to get closer to the TBS or do I need more holes for air in. Thanks in advance.
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    I didn't drill holes and get plenty of air through the door at the hinge. I've got magnets over the holes and slit in the bottom. If I ever need more air I'll just slide open the holes nearest to the door on the bottom of the mailbox. After an hour of smoke I close the top Mes exhaust vent half way with no problems which also controls smoke volume if you want less.
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