can there be such a thing as too much rib roast?? here's another one!

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Aug 22, 2010
Renton, WA
2 - 4 rib roasts, about 9 lb. each.  after a night in cheesecloth in the fridge


rubbed with paste of chopped garlic, Dijon, evoo, fresh parsley, thyme, old bay, pepper and possibly too much salt about 1-1/2 TB L. Nope salt just right J Plastic wrapped and back into fridge overnight.


 preheated cse to 300, then added chips, 3-4 oz - 1/2 cabernet oak.1/2 apple, meat, then lowering heat to 240.

after about 1-1/2 hours, lowered heat to 225, they were 125 and 129 in a total of 3-1/2 hours!!! what the heck??

had to baby them along til 5:30!  double foiled, added some cabernet & kept them in the smoker, but kept the heat LOW.


plus 6 heads of garlic. our typical Christmas weather. This kept the rain off the smoker and me.


out at last!  they survived being held just fine.




it was a prettier color than this, but this is as close to the money shot as I could get. busybusyme.

and a special toast to Stevo here:




thanks for looking! Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend!! 
Looks great 
Thank you dear! Cheers to you too. That looks sooo good. Your either watchin out for vampires or we share a passion for garlic too. You definitely know how to serve a good beer, good glasses aren't only for wine. We went to a steak joint not too long ago and I ordered a $9 abbey beer, the guy brought it to me in a frosted pint glass
 We have to respect our brews and beef like the above. Merry Christmas darlin, from Amelia, me and our future sous chef.
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