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Can I finish Ribs, Pork Butt, Brisket, anything in the oven?

Discussion in 'Blowing Smoke Around the Smoker.' started by John Goostree, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. HalfSmoked

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    That depends on your smoker I have a propane that will top out at 375.

  2. solman

    solman Meat Mopper

    OP mentioned pellet/wood/charcoal, so i assumed it wasn't propane. my propane can get that high too, can't imagine using anything else for high temperature, convenience and ease of use. :)
  3. JC in GB

    JC in GB Smoking Fanatic

    I agree with the other posters here the only thing I don't like about most ovens is the huge hysteresis on the setpoint.
  4. I got a Masterbuilt 40 inch smoker that i used when i first started getting into smoking meat. After a few years and wanting to upgrade, I finally ended up with a PITMAKER Safe. After 6 months of fine tuning my method on the Safe, i ran across a situation in which i needed to to use the oven in order to finish the brisket i was cooking.

    Me and my wife were headed to the country where her extended family was having an Easter get-together bash. I couldn't get off work early enough on Friday, and she wanted brisket, come hell or high water. She gave up red meat for Lent. I picked up the brisket on my lunch hour, and when i got home at 6:45, i immediately hit the safe with a torch to heat it up. Then lit the charcoal, then lit a separate basket of Hickory and Pecan logs. Started trimming the brisket, threw in the charcoal basket, back to trimming the brisket, then seasoning it, setting the temp in the smoker, throw in the brisket, start cleaning up, waited for about 1.5 hours for the logs to turn to coals, remove the charcoal and dump them into the wood basket....and finally have a few beers while i fine tuned the temp i wanted. It was about 11pm by this time.

    I stayed up until about 2. Knowing i had to also pack for the trip, i was worried that the brisket wouldn't be done in time for us to leave at 10 or 11 in the morning.
    What to do?

    F**K IT...the brisket was about 165-170, and it had the bark and color i wanted. So i wrapped in butcher paper, placed it in a large foil pan, and put it in the oven at 275. put everything back into the garage, showered and fell immediately to sleep.


    Knowing my wife pretty well,i was in for Easter weekend ass chewing. When she woke up, she asked why the house smelled like bbq. So i explained. She said it smelled incredible!! Thank you, Lord!!

    I packed everything in the truck, and the brisked had finally hit 205. Covered the pan with foil, into the cooler it went, put 2 towels on top of it, tossed it into the back of the truck, and away we went.

    Got out to Chappell Hill, and About 5pm, my wife wanted the brisket. It was absolutely perfect. Nice crust for the bark, and tender and juicy throughout the entire cut of meat. I had people coming by and asking for some after word got out that I had the best brisket on the property.

    So, on my next cook, i did the same thing. I smoked the brisket in the Safe, and when it was ready, judging by color and bark formation, I pull them, wrap in butcher paper, and set them in my Masterbuilt at 250. Then i go to bed. By the next morning, theyr're usually almost ready. I probe for tenderness, and into the cooler they go. They always come out perfect.

    I do feel that i'm somewhat cheating, but i'm going for constancy. I don't have to stay up all damn night watching the temp fluctuations, adjusting the intake, checking the wood coals..blah blah blah. And to think, i almost sold the Masterbuilt on Craigslist. I've stayed up all night. And i find that, while i enjoy the cooking process, i'm usually too tired to enjoy the brisket itself.

    So yeah, you can use the oven to finish off whatever meat your smoking.
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  5. jokensmoken

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    I've finished brisket, butts and ribs in the oven...
    This may have been touched on by someone else already...if so sorry about the repeat...
    Wrapping meat, whether in butcher paper or foil is not to stop meat from taking on more or too much smoke flavor...meat will only take on smoke flavor for 3-5 hours anyway...
    Wrapping is usually done for one of two reasons (or both)...
    1. To shorten the cook time
    2. To help retain moisture...
    Any time you wrap you will sacrifice a bit of bark texture, but wrapping to rest is a must IMHO...