Can. dacon help?

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dan (or)

Original poster
Feb 18, 2007
Tried my hand at Can. bacon and was not satisified. Too salty...

Did I leave it in the brine too long? 8 days? Heller brine and other seasoning that I added... which I could not taste .... Kinda bummed out on this smoke!

Or did I not rinse it well enough? I rinsed it very well fresh out of the brine and soaked it twice in cold water for at least an hour...

Any suggestions?


Hard to say what went wrong without knowing exactly what you did. If you rinsed it well and soaked in water after the brine it sounds like it might have been to much salt for the amount of meat in the brine.
Any way to know how long is too long?


Thanks for the reply. The packaged (heller) cure said 1 day per pound of meat.... so 8 lb loin = 8 days. Sure wish I would have went about 4 days instead.

Would you mind sharing your recipe on the Can. Bacon. I used a bunch of stuff including fenugreek and juniper berries. Can't say I was impressed at all....

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