calibrating your meat thermometers at altitude

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What if your in a higher altitude? It does take ALOT longer to boil water here, are you still looking at 212* F? Or isnt it 208? I dont know for sure, maybe someone here can help.
I just dont want to think my thermometers are that far off!!

Lisa :)

(maybe this is my first helpful hint here...woohoo!!)
Just certain ones!
We made it to the moon and back on a slip stick (slide rule) so do not let a handfull of degrees of thermometer inaccuracy keep you from putting out some good "Q".
Lisa, I live at about 5600 feet, not quite as high as CS, but my temps are in the 204-206 range for boiling water. Hope that helps.
To bad I didn't smoke when I was teaching this could've been a fun yet practical homework question!

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