Cabinet smoker...why reverse flow?

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Sep 30, 2020
So a few months ago I bought a home built cabinet smoker. I had plans to convert it to a reverse flow. I even posted a few things with ideas. However, I have added inlet flow control with a ball valve and just finished a smoke with ribs. I even ran a quick biscuit test. Bottom line is that it seems to function well. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything bad about reverse flow....but “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”.
So here are a few pictures-

Just getting it loaded up with lump charcoal.

Ran a biscuit test. I was happy with how even the heat was just a short time after start up. Yes, it’s a little cooler up top, but not too bad.
Finishing up the ribs on a single run of the charcoal.


Very happy with the results!!
So the cabinet smoker seems to heat evenly, holds a temperature, and is very efficient with fuel. It doesn’t have the same smoke flavor that the stick fed offset has, but that’s a discussion of charcoal versus sticks (I think). So what do you all think is the reason to convert? Or would you leave it alone? Thanks for the feedback.
If you are very happy with the results that it produced then I suspect you will be pretty sad if you mess with it and end up less than very happy.
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You are correct if it works well and produces good food then why mess with it and take the chance of screwing up how well it performs. I own a Lang reverse flow smoker but also a couple others that aren't reverse flow and they all work well. My point being they don't have to be a reverse flow to produce a great product
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