Burger Buns

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Aug 13, 2015
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Good afternoon!
In my new bread making hobby I wanted to try burger buns and found a basic recipe.
It used packaged yeast but I also tossed in about a half cup of sourdough discard just for fun.
dough.jpg ready to fridge.jpg Into the fridge for an overnight rest
Next morning I let it warm and rise a bit in the oven with the light on (about 3 hrs).
double.jpg When I punched it it didn't cave much and sprung back a little. Must have been the discard.
Divided, shaped, flattened, brushed with an egg wash, sprinkled with Sesame Seeds and into the oven.
oven.jpg cooling.jpg
When I went to check them I found the Mrs looking at the oven. The aroma woke her up from her nap LOL!
She had two with butter right out of the oven and gave it a thumbs up :emoji_blush:
I made a pot roast for dinner but wanted to try my new buns so did my usual routine of pulling mine and made a "sandwich".
I'm calling it a success, though I learned a couple of things:
The ones on the bottom rack got a little "too done" on the bottom. Next time I'll do it in two batches on the higher rack.
While rising in the oven the side nearest the light rose faster and I had to spin the bowl. Always learning!
Anyone interested in recipes, let me know. The secret ingredient in the roast: wine.jpg
Have a wonderful afternoon and keep trying new things!
Sure looks good to me! Can't beat the smell of fresh baked bread and eating it fresh out of the oven!

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I would think it great if you shared your recipe, been looking for a good one. Those look nice.
Not sure which you're thinking about. The bread is pretty basic:
1 pkg active dry yeast
1 1/4 c water (105 - 115F)
4 to 4 1/2 cups AP flour
1/3 c sugar
1/3 c melted butter
1 egg
Dissolve the yeast in the water and then mix with everything else with about 2 c of the flour until you get a sticky dough and then add flour 'til you get a good dough.
Put in a greased bowl, rolling it around to get it greased all around and into the fridge, covered.

For the roast:
(+/-) 3# chuck roast, browned all sides
1 c Marsala
1/2 c low sodium soy sauce
1/4 c sugar
2 tsp "Better than Bouillon" (beef)
2 tsp chopped Garlic

Combine all and pour over the roast in a Dutch Oven. Toss in a couple of Bay Leaves and a Cinnamon Stick.
Add Potatoes, Carrots and Onions on top and bake covered @ 325 for around 3 hrs.
When done remove the meat and vegetables, cinnamon stick and bay leaves and stir in enough cornstarch to make a sauce.
This is the 3rd time I've made it like this and I'm hooked!
How does that song go....." I like BIG buns "......

But seriously, those look very yummy. Good job. Those with pulled pork, etc would be very yummyful.
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