Building a reverse flow out of a 60 gallon air tank

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Feb 17, 2013
Hey every body. I have taken in a lot of great ideas from folks around this forum. I thank you all very much! I am in michigan and it is cold and snowy right now so i am going to start my build. I would love comments, pointers and new ideas.  I will be posting pictures along the way but give me time. This build will take about a month.

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Hello there and welcome to the forum. Im building an 80gal from a compressor tank. Are you going to have this on a trailer? 

No I dont think im going to. I have two other smokers that i use for traveling. I think i will just use some pneumatic tires and make it a roller.
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Well I dropped the tank off to the sand blaster today. There was to much surface rust on the inside to start fabrication. So hopefully I will have that back tomorrow and I will start laying out where every thing is going to go. Do you guys suggest using rope seal on the fb door and on the cc door? I think I will be able to pick up my steel for the fb tomorrow. Should i 1/4inch or 3/8?
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Trying to get a good location for where the FB meets the CC but it proving to be a pain. I might bring it to shop and use my torch instead of the cut off wheel.
Getting a straight line on a curved surface is not the easiest. Any ideas are welcome!!
Thanks alot guys. Very helphul. I will take a look at it when i get home from work. I will keep you updated!
Good time for my grinder to stop working!! Almost had the feet cut off....oh well back at it tomorrow.
The old clarke i had Iasted a good 12 years. My brother in-law dropped of his Milwaukee so i can cut some more tonight! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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