Brisket Trouble

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Jan 5, 2022
I have a 5.5 lb brisket that I set on my pit boss at 235 about 3 hours ago. It’s already at 190 and has minimal bark… I have no idea what to do
Not much detail here but it sounds to me like you might be getting some inaccurate temp readings somewhere. It's possible that either your cooker is running much hotter than 235 or your 190 reading might be incorrect.
Thanks for the response. Yeah I’m not really sure what’s going on lol. I have 2 thermos in (the one attached to the smoker & another one) I took them out and reinserted and we’re at about 155 on hour 3.5 now. Must of just been a bad reading idk
155 sounds more plausible. Still a touch high, but definitely possible. Remember you'll hit a long stall at some point during the cook.

Also make sure you keep a probe in your cook chamber outside of the meat to get a true reading of what your cook temperature is. Don't trust the temperature your smoker is telling you, especially if you are new to the game and/or haven't used that smoker enough to know it well.

Are your probes calibrated? Make sure you trust what they are telling you.
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