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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tbjoebbq ss, Dec 5, 2014.

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    ok...So I only do a brisket every now and then, so I always have to figure things out each and every time.

    In this case I picked up a smaller packer (10#) that trimmed down to about 9#. this is for a party tomorrow.

    Now my lovely bride "understands" when it is done it is done...however she only has that expectation to about a 30-45 minute lee-way.

    I have heard of people doing a "2 day split cook" brisket, so I started it this afternoon.  Basically cook it most of the way day one and put it back on the second day to finish it off.

    My question?  has anyone done this method before?  If so, what are the temps if any I should shoot for?

    The Brisket rubbed down and ready to go...

    Also doing some pulled pork...

    Oh yeah...the reason I am trying this method is that I am a stick burner and really don't want to stay up all night by myself....

    Thanks in advance for all the help!
  2. I know you don't want to stay up. How about when you are ready to call it quits for the night just move it to the oven? I don't see a split smoke being anything to wright home about. You can the reheat it later.

    Happy smoken.

  3. tbjoebbq ss

    tbjoebbq ss Fire Starter

    have done that before David,  ended up being pulled brisket...which no one minded except my lovely bride!  lol

    actually, it is cooking up a lot faster then I anticipated.  flat end is already 170-175  cap is 165+
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Oh , Suck it up Buttercup... do an all in one sitting , lets see 9lb. @ 1.5 / lb. = 13.5 , just a good conversation. And , why did you trim the goody off [​IMG]

    That fat is flavor and doing the ' whole ' thing is (IMHO) a better flavor , and some great Bark... use the Point for Burnt-ends [​IMG], yes, another 2 hrs. but as a treat , great...

    Do the Butt at the same time , the more Mass in the cooker , the better... holds heat better and if you leave the Darn lid shut , it will cruise along at a better rate for you.

    Set your smoker at 225*F and follow the heat ...everytime it drops , check your parameters  and adjust , feed  ,control air , or stop bad Smoke , if you see it billowing out the stack.

    Here's a bit of reading for you that may help...

    I do all my Briskets un-wrapped the whole time and am very happy with the outcome , Butts are also easy , and cook well with Brisky .

    Have fun and as always . . .
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    I've never tried that method. I would have a few concerns, one being you have additional time involved to reheat back to the temp your brisket originally was at before you yank it out to rest and/or chill, and, the second being due to the additional time in the cooker, you're adding to additional time for drying out the meat once it does actually reach your desired tenderness.

    I can understand there will be somewhat less time involved during the final stage (day 2) than if you were to just let it ride to the finish, but overall, you're probably looking at about 40% more cooking time. It will take less time to go from fridge temp to, say 150* than the first time around, probably due to less mass and less evaporating water in the meat (evaporation causes cooling = longer to heat through).

    If you do it, shoot for minimum I/T of 145* (rare), then chill to <40 I/T within 2 hours. BTW, you didn't mention injection, so I'm assuming you did not inject...that could change things.

    I really can't say I'd recommend it...the risk (drying out) vs reward just doesn't add up. It's like recooking leftovers...and they do tend to get dried out. Brisket, pulled pork, etc, is always the best finished product if cooked straight through, then served directly after resting and final processing, IMHO.

  6. Then kick the heat up and finish it tonight. Then reheat to serve. If you have a vacuum sealer use it then reheat in a pot of water. It will be as good as when you just smoked it.

    Happy smoken.

  7. tbjoebbq ss

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    Oldschool - I left plenty of the goody on there..just have always trimmed the stuff more than an inch thick...and oh your Stickburning 101 is an awesome it a couple years ago and use it refer peeps to it quite a bit!   guess i am justa wimp and hate drinking alone  lol...

    Eric - a friend at work mentioned the method (he is a BBQ judge) as one a few of his friends use more at their restaurants.  So thought it was worth a try...

    Not sure about the stall could be, just checked the temps as I pulled some sausage (dinner) off the smoker...The ET-792 probe is in the butt.

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