Brisket Pics

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Meat Mopper
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Jun 20, 2006
Marietta, GA
Cookin' a brisket, and thought y'all might like to see.
Looks good so far Noah. Do you use two thermometers in the meat while cooking. If so Why. I just bought one. Should I get a second..?

I just got a digital camera and have tried to send a picture but am having no luck! PlEASE tell me how you did it????

I usually only use one, but the flat is thinner than usual. I just don't want to over cook it, so I have a therm in each part. As far as the pics, I'm not an expert, but I down loaded a picture resizer, which allows me to shrink the pics. Most of the photo software now has a resizer, but mine is a little older than most.
That's pretty. The weekends are so much fun around here. The weekdays are more theorizing, the weekends are all action! :)
Just saw your post Noah,

Brisket looks GooooooooD. How long has it been going?

Edit: DUH, just reread your post and saw that you said 6 hours.
Seems like everybody was cooking briket on Sunday. Good looking hunk o meat you got going. I would think it is finished by now, any chance of seeing the finished product? Better yet, any chance of samples being shipped?
Looking good, Noah! Good idea on using two thermos, especially with the thinness of the one side. My dad would call that a door stop brisket, wedge it under a door and it ain't going nowhere no how! :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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