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  1. My step son wants us to smoke a brisket. I have never tried to before and the only thing I know about them is u need to cut against the grain when you cut it(?).
    Any tips or suggestions before I even buy and attempt it?
  2. Hi, I am looking at your number of posts and I see you have only had 11 posts. You are also asking for advice. I may be wrong but you may be new to smoking meat. A beef Brisket is a pricy cut that requires a long cook. I would not recommend it if you are just starting out. Maybe a Boston butt if you want a long cook or a rack of ribs. They are forgiving and very tasty. Also sign up for Jeff's free cooking class it comes in 5 emails. Also check out his rib recipes.
    there are a lot of rubs out there. Here is a link to easy basic rubs you can make in just minutes. The link is to Aron franklin from Franklins BBQ, a pit master in Texas. The second is how he cooks his brisket. People line up for hours just to get in his restaurant.

    I hope it helps. Jted

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