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Dec 28, 2012
I've have a 9lb chunk that has been in my MES at 225 for 8 hours and is currently stalling at around 160. My question is that it's 9PM and I'm expecting this thing to hit my target of 190-200 somewhere overnight, I will then pull it and let it rest in the coller for an hour or two.

So my questions is, what do I do next? If this does happen in the middle of the night, am I better off slicing it then and putting it in the fridge? Leaving it whole and then reheating and slicing tomorrow for lunch? Waking up everyone and giving them brisket for breakfast?
 hi cudakid. My first question would be, when were you planning to serve this brisket? At 160 IT now you are at the stall. May be 4-6 more hours cooking time! You may want to put in cooler for a few hours, maybe till morning, then wrap in foil and finish in the oven at 325. This will reduce finishing time. Maybe others will have some more ideas.

To make it easier on yourself, it has taken on all the smoke it is going to, you can transfer the brisket to an oven to bring it to your desired internal meat temperature. When you hit your desired temperature double wrap the brisket in aluminum foil with some of the juices you have hopefully saved. The wrap in old towels and place it in a cooler to rest. Rest time in the cooler can be as long as 4 to 5 hours and it will still be steaming hot when you open it if your cooler is stuffed with towels for insulation well. Hopefully the rest time and time you have left will work out with your slicing and serving plans.
Thanks for the replies.

As for what my serving plans are...I have no plans. I have a bunch of family hanging around tomorrow and I just wanted to have it available to snack on. So it will be a brisket breakfast....and lunch and dinner in our house. I think I will go with the extended stay in the cooler and have it heavily insulated in towels. I've had good luck with other meats holding temps in there for over 3 hours in the past so I think i'll try that.

I think that I'll do the slicing in the morning and then transfer some of it to a crock pot with sauce and saved juices and let the family enjoy.

Looks like it's going to be a late night, luckily I have a strong supply of Spotted Cow on hand to keep me company.

Thanks for all your help!
~~So it will be a brisket breakfast....and lunch and dinner in our house

  I hope 9 lbs will be enough!  Sounds like a plan but don't forget the q-view!

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