Breaking Wind

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bud's bbq

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 22, 2007
Ada, MI
As a relatively new quer, the summer experience clearly differs from the challenges of a cold, snowy winter. I had built the open kiosk for the weber a few years ago. Just something to keep the rain and snow off as I grilled.

As the Michigan winter sets in, and I saw the various methods you'all have used to control temp and minimize gas, decided on 'enclosing' the existing kiosk in 1/4 inch plywood. Have ordered a 9x9 welders blanket from harbor freight to hang on gthe front - great price $9.99. See pictures for current status. Gonna start some sausage smokin' shortly....let you know.

bud and tonto
Almost afraid to ask this question. :?:

What's a couple of Michaganites like yourself doing with an Ohio State propane bottle cover :shock: :P
Cajuns, I'm just a bare foot boy from Ohio; now a transplanted Michigander.

Go Buckeyes! Down trodden Indians and Browns fan too.....

With a post of "Breaking Wind", then seeing the propane tank.... I was starting to wonder... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i too am a buckeye, transplanted to texas. if you find another propane tank wrap like that, please pick me up one and i will send you the money back via any method nessessary. i have a tough time finding any decent osu merchandise down here and do not get back up home enough.

it goes to show, once a buckeye, always a buckeye!!!

go bucks!!
To add to all that 'wind related' stuff, Ive got some suasages on as we speak. The wind break enclosure seems to allow tighter control of the temp in the smoker.

Tring to get this #@!&*##@ ET-73 dual temp thing to work.....have learned some new words.

Buzzard, from what part of Ohio do you hale?

Tonto will pick one of the tank covers for you. Thinks they were about 10-15 dollars.

born and raised in columbus area. but had kin all over. right now i call home just south of stubenville (not shure on that spelling) in a town called conroe, outside of woodsfield.

let me know and i will send you the money. pm me when you get it and we can swap addys
Buzzard, we moved to Grand Rapids from the Houston area - just off FM1960 north of the city.

We'll email the info.

Read the directions for a change - at least twenty times. Think I've got it now. Trick seems to be that you have to hit the mode button after each setting. Those little switches seem destined for failure. Have you had any problems? We finally figured out the ET-72 and think we got the 73 down.


PS - grew up in Akron

We lived on Long Island for almost twenty years (Tonto is born and raised Bronx.) Property taxes were out of sight. Been gone 16 years. Taxes in Michigan are still no where near Long Island back then.
I smell sausage and peppers and onion.........

With a name like "Breaking Wind" I was expecting something "a little different". I have a place picked out to build a nice smoking / grilling area which will have a background much the same as yours. Looks good, thanks for sharing. How's that sausage going for ya?

Keep Smokin

Good groceries. It was in the lower teens today -cold as a ..... The enclosure really helped to control the temp. Just local grocery store 'sweet' and 'hot' sausages. Used your, Dutch and Ultramag advice with no lid on the cast iron smoke box; only a couple of big wood chunks;

Really good eats. Listened to Guy Clark while we qued.

Bud -

Gotta have sausage, onions and peppers and a nice fresh Italian bread! Yummmmmmmm

Gotta a buddy on LI he was complaining aboit taxes til I told him I pay $3800 a year for a 800 SqFt house and less than 1/4 acre ledge lot. My 92 Dakota is still getting $300 a year for property tax. Go figure! hat's why Iwant to head south when I retire!

Property on LI is worse than here!

Just got home last night from a little town in your state known as Hartford. Had a great fish sandwich at Mickey's. Taxes are daunting and Ct has three of the poorest per capita cities in the US which doesn't help.

Good luck with your super bowl smoke.

Thanks Bud -

You poor thing! Why did you have to go to Hartford?I avoid that "little town" - to big for me! I only go there for basketball games when I have to or to go to the airport. I do not like big cities to many people and cars and noise!
Went to Hartford to pitch office furniture to "The Hartford". They are building a new corporate headquarters building. Some beautiful old buildings but you don't want to been on the city streets after dark. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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