Breaded Catfish Pieces & Chips (Ninja)

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Sep 12, 2009
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Breaded Catfish Pieces & Chips (Ninja)

This was the only Catfish I could find with a Decent Price!!

So I put my Breading Machine to work, and after 53 years, she still works like she did when I first got her!!

Then for the second night, I made some Home Cut French Fries to put on the dish with my fish. (FAT FREE)

I used My favorite "Kraft Sandwich Spread" for Dipping the Catfish Fillets.

I love this stuff!!

Thanks for Stopping By,


My Breading Machine Prepared these for Me:

They All Just Fit in My Ninja's Air Crisper Basket:

All Done & Plated For First Night's Supper:

Cut Me Some Fries:

After 8 Minutes in Air Fryer:

Done in 16 Minutes:

Heating Up Leftovers for Second Night's Supper:

Bear's Second Night's Supper: (With Kraft Sandwich Spread for Tartar Sauce)

man that looks yummy! We dont see much catfish here in Utah...sadly. I used to buy it in Denver when I lived there.
I'll take a plate.

I love me some catfish, but I haven't had any in a long time. About the only fish my wife will eat is salmon and talapia, so if I'm fixing fish, I do something both of us will eat.
Living good in the Bear den. Or at least eating good. Looks fantastic to me. Love me some catfish and fresh fries.
Nice job John that catfish looks great. They sure don't make breading machines like they used to.

Point for sure
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I love catfish. And I really love catfish steaks, cut about 1" thick! Can hardly find them anymore, especially in restaurants...too risky if someone chokes on a bone I guess!

When I was young adult I remember getting them from Safeway in the freezer. Big river catfish imported from Brazil I think. Sooooo yummy!

The Fiesta markets here have live catfish they will cut for you, but they are generally on the smaller side. You can find them at Asian markets, too, but haven't tried theirs.

Very nice Bear. I love fried catfish!! Add the homemade fries and that's a winner for sure. Well done sir....and I'll take a big plate please :emoji_laughing: BTW, I've searched far and wide but just cannot seem to locate one of those breading machines that you have :emoji_wink:

Fine looking piece of work there John, always nice when the fish are biting! RAY

Thank You Ray!!
These Catfish were Biting at "Giant".
I miss the days when My Dad & I would fish the Delaware River all night & come home with our limit of Small Catties (10" to 14"). Boy were they Tasty!!
And Thanks for the Like.


man that looks yummy! We dont see much catfish here in Utah...sadly. I used to buy it in Denver when I lived there.

Thank You Sandy!!
Bear Jr's been too busy to get me some Cats.
And Thanks for the Like.

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