boston butt and abts

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  1. Hi all, The wife wants me to smoke 2-3.75 lb Boston buts for pulled pork  and ABT's for our New Years day dinner,The question I have is when would be a good time to start my ABT's on the smoker,also thinking about some baked beans.Any thoughts or advice ? Also the pork has a net on them, smoke with or without the net?

    Thanks in advance, Joe
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  2. Starting your ABTs depends on what temp you're smoking on average most people will smoke them at 200-215 degrees Farenheit which takes could take about 2 hours or so. I'd give a 30 minute lee-way, you can always keep them warm start your ABTs 2 hours and thirty minutes before you wish to serve them.  Also the netting on the Boston Butt may be a trussing which keeps the meat in a uniformly even shape. Unless the netting is plastic there's no need to take the netting off and in fact may help your butts cook more evenly. As for sides, baked beans are always nice and it is a set it and forget it type meal and a nice slaw always goes well with pulled pork. Keep the fires burning and happy cooking!
  3. Thanks, Rainstar I guess I will put them on when the pp is done and in the cooler resting.
    thanks again ,Joe

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