Boneless Pork Loins

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Sep 19, 2018
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I posted a thread earlier about whole boneless pork loins being on sale this week at a local grocer, KJ's, for$1.59/lb. That's an OK price, but I decided to see about making it a better deal. Through a friend of a friend, I've gotten to know a meat cutter at the one of the stores so I went there this morning to see if he was working, which he was. I got 2 whole loins and asked him to leave one of the rib halves whole and grind the other rib half. I had him cut the 2 loin halves into 1/2" thick chops and run them through the cuber. Pack it all up together and I would take care of the packaging when I got home...

I ended up with 4 lbs. of ground pork which I vacuum sealed in 1 lb. packs and 42 pieces of cubed pork chops which I packed into 6 packs of 7 chops each. And the rib half which was left whole, probably cook it on the smoker at a later time...

$32 total for all. The one pack of the ground in the ZipLok bag is for a recipe tomorrow. Many of you may have a cuber and grinder to do this for yourself and some may not be able to get their meat cutters to do this for them, they can be hesitant because of cross contamination. Just some ideas... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.