Bison short ribs

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Smoking at 4am

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Apr 23, 2021
Western Massachusetts
Got them rubbed for tomorrow, I'm figuring 8 hours or so, at least that's the plan. Any tips or suggestions? Also some beef back ribs in case I mess up the bison lol.
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The only thing I can suggest is to take pics and report back on how this went to educate the rest of us!
My one concern would be getting a bit dried out due to the generally lower fat content btw bison and beef. I'd probably keep them mopped and consider a braise for the last few hours.

Hopefully someone with experience with this exact cut will chime in. Good luck, Sounds delicious!
So I have 4 bison short rib racks, and one beef back rib rack. The bison I decided to baste 2 of the bison ribs every 45 minutes or so, and the other 2 are just gonna be the dry rub. I have a pan of water underneath to help keep them from drying out. I'll probably wrap them after about 2 hours to help keep them moist as well. Looking to get the bison to 145° and the beef to 205°. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm using cherry wood for the smoke.
I've done beef ribs before, but never bison. I like to let them ride on the grate until they hit the stall. Then I pop them on a rack sitting in a disposable aluminum pan with some type of liquid(I use beef broth), and cover. Let them braise until tender. Remove from the pan and put them back on the grate to reset the bark and finish to desired temp. The reason I use the rack in the pan is to keep the meat from sitting in the liquids.

I read the wrong part of the page for IT for the bison, I'll be taking them to 203°. Thanks for catching that waterrat.
Cool. Even better, start probing them at 190sh, and see how it changes every 5deg or so I till the probe just slides in with almost no resistance. But 203 is a good target.
Forgot to post pictures before I wrapped the bison but they are pulling away from the bone nicely. Time to wrap the beef back ribs now. I keep it simple and just pour coors banquet in when I wrap.
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Well we are approaching 190° after 3&1/2 hours...before I take the ribs out of foil. I think I'll still stick with the 321 method, maybe skip the last hour depending on how they look when they come out of foil. This is actually the first time I've ever temp probed ribs since I've never done bison.
Well the beef back ribs were awesome, but the bison short ribs were not to my liking as they are 100% grass fed. I need my beef to at least be rounded out with some grain to give it flavor. The smoke was a success but I wont be buying 100% grass fed meat again.
Time to wrap the beef back ribs now. I keep it simple and just pour coors banquet in when I wrap.

I did the same last night, I slow BBQ with smoke for a couple hours, pan them and use whatever's close for liquid, beer, broth, H2O even, cover and let simmer for awhile. Fall off the bone good! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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