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Jan 26, 2022
Are binders needed when venison sausage and snack sticks, been using hi mountain seasonings and finish product seems a little dry, internal temp was 152 when pulled from smoker, and into ice bath.
Are you adding any fat? I've never done anything with venison but I understand it's pretty lean.
The binder is to bind the meats to the fats. With no fats there's nothing to bind....
M684, I make venison snack sticks frequently and never use a binder. I do however make sure I have a good meat fat ratio . Instead of pork back fat I usually use pork butt and go 70/30 venison to pork. If I use straight fat back its 75/25 but I usually do that only for dry cured products.
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Nope, binders not needed but you want about 20% fat minimum for a good product. Most guys skimp on fat on venison and sure it is healthier but quality takes a hit.
Nope, binders not needed but you want about 20% fat minimum for a good product. Most guys skimp on fat on venison and sure it is healthier but quality takes a hit.
I’m doing 50%venison/50%pork butt does that give me enough fat
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I’m doing 50%venison/50%pork butt does that give me enough fat
No, not enough fat as Dan mentioned above. Take the weight of the venison portion and multiply by 0.20.... that will tell you how much pork fat you need to add. Now take the 50% pork butt portion and subtract out the weight of the fat you just calculated, and add that to the pork portion of your mix. Now you have the 20-25% fat that comes with the pork butt PLUS pure pork fat to account for the lean venison.

So, if you are doing 40# of venison/pork sausage 50/50; 20# of venison X .2 is 4# of fat. 20# pork butt minus 4# is 16# pork butt. So you now have:

20# lean venison
16# pork butt 80/20 or 75/25
4# 100% pork fat

Now you have at least 20% pork fat in your mix and the texture will be right and won't be dry and crumbly.


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Another reason comes to mind (and a good one). You can make sausage you simply cannot buy. IE, I absolutely LOVE weisswurst and NONE to be found here. Thuringer brat? Good luck find that one at the store too. I am ecstatic to have WW in the freezer and owe it to the great folks here that helped me along the way. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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