Big Brisky - Freezing Uncooked

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Original poster
Dec 19, 2016
Wake County, North Carolina
Hey Guys - just picked up my packer from the butcher for my Christmas smoke.  I wanted something small because we're gonna have a TON of sides available, but I ended up with a 14+ pounder.  Now on top of that, the sucker is too wide to fit in my MES30, and the cryo somehow sprung a nick at the seal.  So - I wanted to sound off and double check my plan against some of the the more seasoned smokers' experience.

I want to trim off about 6-8 inches of the flat and double bag it in gallon-size freezer bags.  I'll get back to it in a month or so.  I've seen plenty of folks who will smoke smaller flats on the board, and that'd make for a nice & easy brisky sometime in January.  The whole brisket is about 21" wide right now, so that'd leave me with plenty of meat for Christmas.  Is there a better way?  Any tips / tricks?
There is no issue with slicing off a piece for a later smoke!  When you do wrap it up to freeze it, I would wrap it tight with either plastic wrap, or heavy duty foil or better yet both and then plop it in a freezer bag just to avoid freezer burn the best you can.  A vacuum sealer would preserve it best but some foil, plastic wrap, and a zip lock will be just fine.

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