Best way to clean the inside of Masterbuilt smoker

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If your talking about the walls & ceiling, just scrape off any loose stuff & leave the rest alone.

That stuff is what seasons the smoker & you want it in there.

The grates, water pan, & drip pan can all be washed with Dawn liquid to remove any grease buildup.

If you have a glass door, plain old rubbing alcohol will clean it. If it's real thick you may need to scrape it with a razor blade to get it clean.

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BBQ brush for the ceiling and walls,don't forget to clean that little probe on the back wall.For the glass I used Alcohol and news paper to clean it.

Leave most of it alone, as others have said.

For the glass door, standard rubbing alcohol works amazingly well.

For racks, vent, and light cover, I now use my ultrasonic cleaner. It is also an amazing device for cleaning "disposable" aluminum pans. I bought 30 of these at Costco for under $10 a year ago, and that is now going to be a lifetime supply.

More on using my ultrasonic cleaner for the smoker here: Ultrasonic Cleaning.
What everybody above said.

Plus when your Water Pan & bottom Drip pan on the floor are clean, cover them with foil, so next time will be easier to clean.

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