Best anti gate sag device ?

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When we had our stockade gate. I just affixed a swivel wheel to the end of the gate. It rolled on the grass without issue, and kept the gate up. It actually outlasted the stockade gate.

What type of gate
What's the issue
Dragging the ground when opened
Knocking the jamb post when closing
Maybe both ?
Is the hinge side post plumb ?

Might be as simple as a hinge shim to kick the bottom of the gate up . If the gate frame is sagging , then a rack brace on the gate and a lower hinge shim .
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Stockade fence gate. I just rebuilt the gate and want to keep it from sagging.
The diagonal cable with turnbuckle has been used since the dawn of time in farm country. It always seemed to work pretty well.
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Yep, cable with a turn buckle is your best bet. My gates were 2x3 steel framed and were so heavy I could not stop the sag. Built new gates with 2x4 wood frames and replaced the diagonal bracing. Problem solved.
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Just attach an all terrain wheel to the latch side of the gate, that is if the ground is fairly level.
How about a block under the gate when latched, unless it stays open, then a block under for the open position also.

The latch will hold it when its closed. And its new now and not sagging. I've seen some other new fences in the neighborhood with the metal frame installed on gates and I was just wondering if that's better than the diagonal wire cable.

I took a picket and put it on the gate diagonally, but I've done that before and over time, even those sag. I think the adjustable cable is the route I'm gonna go.
I have a wheel on mine, works great.

The diagonal cable with turnbuckle works good too.
picket and put it on the gate diagonally,
The " weight " needs to be transferred to the lower left hinge side . So top right strike side to lower left hinge side on the gate . That way the weight is " pushed " into a solid .
Was it the actual gate that was sagging or the post the gate is hinged on? Most times it's the post... in which case you would want to attach wire or cable with turnbuckle to top of hinge post, then down diagonally to bottom of next post over. This way you spread the weight of gate out between the two. Also if you decide on turnbuckle... grease the threads or use never seize on them, so when you want to adjust it, it's not rusted tight.

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