Beer can chicken holder

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  1. jbili

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    Hello all

    Smokin a beer can chicken today half bud the other half apple juice

    It smells wonderful

    I'm looking for one of those beer can chicken holders, are they all basically the same or is one a lot better then the bunch.?

    Also where's the best place to purchase it.?

  2. hambone1950

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    I got mine at one of the job lot stores....real cheap. And I use mine without the can these days. Just the rack by itself. ..... You know , if you don't find one right away you can just cut both ends out of a 16 ounce vegetable can or something like that ...funnels the heat right up into the chicken. You can spend a lot on these fancy gimmicks but IMO you just need to stand the chicken up on the grate , so whatever you use is fine. I do like the rack tho. Nice and easy.

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