Beef Cheek and Buck Onion

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Aug 1, 2018
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I smoked a beef cheek for a few hours when I did those pork steaks than put in Sous Vide for 24 hours. Put into fridge until ready to eat. Broke it out yesterday and heated back up in sous vide. Made some of Keith's onions. Boy are they good. Also made a pot of some Keto beans for today.

20230719_142915.jpg 20230722_163934.jpg

20230722_164559.jpg 20230722_164602.jpg

20230722_164556.jpg 20230722_123133.jpg
That's a perfect meal Brian! Has all my favorites! And looks delicious!

Man that looks great great. Got my pork steaks ready to go in the smoker now. Due to your last post!
Ate of of those left over onions. Wow are the good indaswamp indaswamp . I just used that gravy magic but it was good. That other stuff just to hard to get and to expensive from the one place I found for me. My buddy bought 2 bottles of it. Tried to talk him out of one.
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Wow Brian, that's a fine looking meal buddy. Looks like pure comfort food that I'd love sitting down to. Very nice job sir!!

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