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  1. lol. another person not afraid to try and conquer the mighty brisket. atta boy! ya just gotta hit the ground runnin sometimes. i like it. i run my briskets @ 250-265 and sometimes wrap them in butcher paper like Gary does. most times i just leave it as is in the chamber and let it do its thing. im notorious for using variety of woods..i usually stick with pecan and mesquite and sometimes i throw a little cherry in there. beef and cherrywood smnoke go perfect. any idea on what kind of brisket youre gunna try? flat?point? full packer?
  2. I like Cherry ran out not much around here in East Texas, got some pecan and hickory that is about seasoned up though. I to leave it unwrapped  on occasion. I like a good bark, just salt and pepper is pretty much all I use these days, no injecting.

  3. thats right sir. SPOG for my household. and i never inject either. i ran out of cherry also. alls i gots is mesquite smoke now.,.lol.
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    Dear Brisket Masters, I need some advice. Brisket purchased and too big for my beginner smoker (MB Dual fuel/door) so took off about six inches from the flat end. Now this is my second attempt at Brisket. What should i do for just the small flat that i trimmed off? As this will be on the smoker with the rest.  Thank you in advance for your advice. Oh running smoker at 235-256.
  5. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't dry out on you. Do you wrap at any point? I did two briskets last Thursday Smoked them for 6 hours, pulled them and wrapped them in butcher paper and returned to the smoker for 6 more hours. I cook at 225 Picture of brisket at 6 hours, Wrapped, after 12 hours and sliced

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    Thatcho, I tend to now cut my brisket in half. Brine the flat in a large ziploc to make pastrami and smoke the point. Otherwise, I just cut the brisket in two and cook together. Never had a brisket complaint.
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    Thank you for the info guys. Here is the small portion of the flat i had to trim off to fit the rest of the brisket into the MB Dual fuel/door smoker.

    I foiled the small piece at an IT of 175. Put back into smoker until IT hit 190. Wind kept the smoker temp at 235. used a mix of oak, hickory, mesquite. Small amounts of both.
  8. Really looks good,  nice bark, smoke ring and moist. Can't ask for more than that,

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    Nope sure cant. I don't know what the best part was taking the time to make a brisket or watching the family devour it. Have a great day SMF.
  10. My thing is watching family and friends eating and enjoying my food, especially when they ask for more or "can I take some home" That's the best for me. I am probably the most critical of my BBQ always shooting for a 10  (I always ask the kids to rate it from 1 to 10, 10 being the best)

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    So my first time smoking . The brisket turned out great. Going to try some ribs .any tips on temp and time ?
  12. Cool weather's back and time for some low and slow. Never cooked a brisket before, only ate it once on a trip to KC years ago. Tomorrow is the big day and I've

    been reading up on do's and dont's. It's just a small portion of the brisket at only 31/4 pounds but for the 2 of us it's plenty for a few meals. I plan on using Jeff's rub

    and doing the aluminum foil wrap after getting to 165 then to the cooler at 195. 

    I'm hoping for slicing meat so I don't want to get too high a temperature where I end up with pulled brisket that's why I figure to stay below the 200 IT temp. Will do

    some Q-view and post it.   
  13. thatcho

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    MountainHawg sounds like u got a good plan. Can't wait for Q view.
  14. sounds like a plan! Love me some brisket!!! Brisket is BBQ to me. All hail BEEF! lol. Hope it all comes out great for ya. Will be standing by for some view.
  15. Well, got'er done. Took longer than I expected and I did have a temperature pause around 140 degrees for almost 2 hours. I started at 830 AM which at the time, I thought was too early. The brisket was done at 6 PM with NO time for cooler storage. I wrapped at 

    165 degrees and pulled it off the grill at 197 degrees. Let it rest for 15 minutes in the foil and then cut. It was tender, juicy, and had a great flavor.

    Thankfully timing worked great because it was getting done just about the end of the NASCAR race today which we were glued to.

    We wanted a firm but tender meat so we could get good slices. That I accomplished. My wife never had Brisket and she was worried

    about the whole deal. It turned out tender and very tasty. Very pleased. 

    Where I messed up was that I added beef broth when I foiled and threw it away. It would have made a wonderful light gravy which my wife thought she would have liked.

    I used cherry and oak wood that has been seasoned about a year. 

    I rubbed last night, covered and fridge:

    As the grill heated up, time to split oak and cherry. My splitting block there is a large slab of mesquite:

    Ready to go, water pan wood wrapped in aluminum foil. Fat side down:

    Time to foil. Juice is beef broth:

    Ready to eat. That plate says "Pizza Pie" if you wonder. Brisket was excellent, tender, 

    cut great, the wife said a little gravy (that I threw away) would have been nice, I agree. 

  16. thatcho

    thatcho Meat Mopper

    Looks Awesome! Great smoke ring too.
  17. Looks like success to me. Congrats! ;-)
  18. Nice color, nice smoke ring, moist and tender Looks like a keeper to me   GOOD JOB,  Next time you have to send out sampleGary
  19. Thank you all for the kind comments. We'll finish it up tomorrow night. It will be worth doing again.
  20. Brisket is always worth doing again and again nd again!! Lol. That's how u get good.

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