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Barbecue is Barbecue, Grilling is Grilling,

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by AlisaHara035, Aug 9, 2018.

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    I keep my friends close. And my enemies closer...
    Something the wife saw and she thought she'd try it.
    I had one helping.
    The dog likes it. But then, that isn't saying much. He'll eat stuff off the floor, then lick the floor.

    And I'm not highjacking the thread. It sez Bar-B-Que right there on the sleeve!
  3. I find it interesting, and sometimes frustrating, that some people will refuse to eat "smoked food." Yet, these same people will eat food that was cooked, grilled, whatever you want to call it, ....over wood!

    If there was wood near your food when it was cooking,
    and the wood was producing smoke,
    and that smoke got on your food,
    you eat smoked food.

    Ok, maybe certain things weren't in the smoke that long because they didn't take that long to cook, but it's smoked!
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    You might like this . I do it every now and again .
    If you pop your own pop corn on the stove , heat the oil in the pot , add Jalapeno slices and simmer in the oil . 5 minutes or whatever just dont burn anything . Remove the peppers and pop the corn . Pretty good .
  5. SonnyE

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    Sounds like popcorn that'll pop your eyes open. :eek:
  6. The peppers sound better to me than the popcorn. I put a little flower and paprika on my Jalapeno slices though as I fry them.