Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp on the BGE XL

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Nov 19, 2009
Casa Grande, AZ
A buddy of mine makes these shrimp on his kettle quite a bit, so I had to give them a try.

Roasted 5 Jalepenos on the gas grill Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2637.jpg.html

Sweated a little then peeled Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2640.jpg.html

Took these and cut out the seeds, then sliced each one into 4 strips per jalapeno Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2642.jpg.html

Had some wild caught raw shrimp, and put the jalapeno strip in the cleaned out back. Each one got a whole piece of bacon. These slippery shrimps were a little more difficult to wrap than and ABT Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2645.jpg.html

I made a bigger Vortex for the BGE, had it loaded w/ Royal Oak Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2651.jpg.html

Mad Hunky GP for seasoning Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2654.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2657.jpg.html

On they go Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2660.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2661.jpg.html

The Egg was running at 550+ with the intake 75% open, so I closed it to 1/3 open and it sat at 450 for the remainder Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2665.jpg.html

While they cooked, I wanted to see how the centralized heat affected the belly and lid of the ceramic. Here's the temp the belly held at. Cool to touch Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2666.jpg.html

Lid. This krept up to 200 as the ceramic continued taking on heat Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2668.jpg.html

I didnt use any additional smoke for these. Still took on a nice color Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2670.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2671.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2676.jpg.html

Crisped up Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2684.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2688.jpg.html Wrapped Vortex Shrimp/IMG_2690.jpg.html

These were going to be for dinner, but ended up just being snacked between a few people till gone
TD, afternoon....  Those look AWESOME !!!!  nice job....    I should have been in AZ......    Missed some great eats......

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