Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs Stuffed with Jalapeno & Cream Cheese (Qview)

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Been a while since I posted but I have been lurking around the forums. Thought I would share last night's meal which turned out great!

    Purchased some organic chicken thighs from Costco to make this recipe which I found from a news letter I receive. There is no brining involved. If anyone wants the link to a video showing step by step directions, please send me a message (I did not make the video).

    Basically, I set my MES 30" to 260 degrees using peach pellets (AMNPS). I removed the seeds from the jalapenos filling them with cream cheese. I sprinkled on dry inside the chicken thighs, the outsides, and a little on top of the cream cheese. I then placed the stuffed jalapenos face down on to the chicken thighs, folding them over and wrapping each thigh with a piece of bacon. I then added a little more dry rub to the outside of the bacon.

    I then placed the thighs in a pan with a dab of butter on top of each thigh.

    Next, I placed the pan on the 2nd shelf in my MES. I let the thighs smoke for approximately 1 hour letting the butter and bacon juices marinate the chicken.

    I then pulled the chicken from the MES moving the thighs to a regular cooking rack. I checked the internal temp and they were 160. I also added more rub all around the thighs. I then smoked the thighs for another 25 minutes to let the rub get in (again back on the 2nd tier).

    I then pulled the thighs one last time. I placed the rack back into a pan like above to catch the drippings. I then dropped each thigh into warm BBQ sauce rolling them around to ensure a good and even coat. I used 2 different sauces; Bull's Eye for the kids and a habanero honey wheat beer sauce for the wifey and me. I also kicked up the MES to 270 degrees to ensure the sauce glazed quick because I was close to 175 degrees internal temp on the thighs. I smoked the thighs for another 10-12 minutes.

    Finally, I pulled the vittles from the smoker. I served the thighs with sides of saffron rice (cooked with chicken stock) and a broccoli, diced ham and mushroom combo. I had doubled smoked a ham last Wednesday using the last remaining pieces of ham.

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    Might have to try this idea. Looks tasty. It's kind of like a twist on an ABT. (Atomic Buffalo Thighs??)

    Nice sliced pic! .... [​IMG]for that!
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    That looks great! Definitely on my to do list!

    Thanks for sharing!

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