Bacon cheeseburger sub

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That looks amazing man! How did you get the square wendys style burger patties?
Thanks! My inlaws have a farm. When they have a beef done, the butcher does so much burger in bulk and so much in patties! Unfortunately I dont have a say in the cut list (even though ive tried). But its great meat and i know exactly where it came from!
Guessing the wife just ate fries....:emoji_wink::emoji_laughing::emoji_wink:. Dont know that I'd be able to share that great looking sammich.

I was feeling generous and allowed others some of my crumbs.........;)
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That looks great. We used to do something similar for tailgating but we mixed a little hot Italian sausage in the ground beef. My son dubbed it the "man burger".
Thank you. Thats awesome, the possibilities are endless with this stuff!
I would like to play around some with different flavors and whatnot when its more than just 2-3 of us! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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