Automatic Temp. Controll On Gosm Propane

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by setitandforgetitsmoker, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. hello, i recently purchased a smoke hollow propane smoker i belive it is identical to the gosm. i used it several times to make varios things. then i tried to make a batch of beef jerky with a maverick redi check remote temp sensor as my only way to verify temp. to keep smoker at 150 deg. was very challenging. so i decided to try and put a digital pid controller on this unit with propane. i bought a dwyer 2500 pid off e-bay for $50.00 then purchased a 24 volt gas valve off of used home furnace $25.00 with pilot light. this smoker will hold temps better than my commercial oven. now when i make jerky i enter the desired temp into the temp controller say 150 deg and it will maintain this temp with propane. i looked all over the internet to try to find someone that had made this mod and had no luck this is why i am posting this. now whatever i make i just sent temp and forget about it. i will put jerky in before i go to work come home and it is pretty close to being done no hassel no worries. and still very simple. i hope this post was usefull to you. thank you

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