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senor harv

Original poster
Jul 4, 2005
Aguanga, Calif
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Smoking Meat Forums Forum Index » Beef » Post a new topic

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Senor Harv,

I apologize... I just signed up as a regular user so I could see what you see and low and behold, there is no attachment function. Apparently that is an admin privilege :roll:

Anyway.. I suppose you have to use the code function for now. You have to have your images uploaded to a website somewhere and when you use the image button in the post screen it will ask you for the image location and you will need to type it in.

The code will look like this:

I'm not familiar with this program, but in vBulletin there's a button in the Administrator's Control Panel that enables members to post images. You might want to check for that.
Harv, it's something that Jeff would have to look at, it's done behind the scenes. I looked around the site, it seems like the members post images by linking to them on another site. I'll bet there's just a switch that needs to be thrown, might take a little time to find it.
Senor Harv,

You will be happy to know that I now have attachments working... I finally found the switch that turns on the power to that function 8)

Click on attachments at the bottom of the posting screen and it will allow you to browse to your image on your computer and upload it.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Jeff, thanks very much. I haven't seen it yet, as you note, it is not on this " Post a Reply", it is missing. If u build it , they will come. Ha
This feature has to be turned on in each forum category.. I think I may have missed a few so try it again later this evening and I will double check each and every forum to make sure I did not miss any.

It does look like you could set that option as the default.. :shock:

You guys are making great guinea pigs :lol:

It should look like this:

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Attachment Posting Control Panel

If you click on Add an Attachment, you will see the box for adding Attachments. If you click on Posted Attachments, you will see a list of already attached Files and you are able to edit them. If you want to Replace (Upload new Version) an Attachment, you have to click both links. Add the Attachment as you normally would do, thereafter don't click on Add Attachment, rather click on Upload New Version at the Attachment Entry you intend to update.


You should see a button at this point that says "Add an Attachment" just above the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons.
Great feature Jeff. It's nice to see what everyone else is smoking and how it turns out. Now if I can just get my dang camera back from my youngest daughter I could post pitcures too!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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