Arm Roast Roast beef style?

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Last set of pictures for this cook. I decided that my own deli meat deserves homemade bread. So I made a couple baguettes to make a sandwich. Beef, bread, mayo, horseradish mustard, tomatoe,red onion, and romaine lettuce. All wrapped up and cut in half. My wife actually said she thinks she might like this better then brisket 🤔


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Looks good. Too bad you don't have any real tomatoes yet. Your beef deserves better than that sad looking store bought one.
True. But the garden beds are getting makeovers this year so no veggies are growing until next year. I’ll definitely have to hit a veggie stand this year. Get some good veg for sammie. We have been blown away by this beef.
love the slices in broth idea
Works in a couple different ways . One being that if someone likes theirs more medium , you can cook to rare / medium rare then use the warm broth to further cook some slices . It's stays tender .
The re-heat with warm both on cold slices is magic Jeff . All the liquid and flavors sucks into the meat . Make some up with Minors and give it a try . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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