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    Does anyone have experience making argentina style chorizo sausage? I have a couple of recipes which sound great, but I have never had them, and wonder how the texture and taste profile should be. Also what is the most common size for them? I know they are a fresh sausage that is usually grilled and served on a hoagie style roll. I plan on smoking mine lightly. Can anyone help?
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    I've never tried it either but here is a recipe to compare with what you've found already. let us know what you make and how you like it!

    CHORIZO CRIOLLO / Latin American BBQ sausage

    (Fresh sausage type, coarse mixture)


    Raw materials:

    (calculated for 10 kg batch)

    75.00 %

    Pork meat trimmings

    7.500 kg

    20.00 %

    Beef meat trimmings

    2.000 kg

    5.00 %

    Pork back fat

    0.500 kg




    (per kg of raw materials)

    (total for 10 kg)

    16.00 g

    Common salt (refined)

    160.00 g


    (per kg of raw materials)

    (total for 10 kg)

    4.00 g

    Pepper, ground

    40.00 g

    3.00 g

    Pepper, broken corns

    30.00 g

    3.00 g

    Red wine

    30.00 g

    1.00 g

    Cane sugar

    10.00 g

    1.00 g

    Garlic, fresh

    10.00 g



    Fresh meat trimmings into small pieces


    Meat trimmings, additives and seasonings


    Mixture 5 mm


    Into natural hog casings (24-26 mm)


    Link to sausages of desired size (60-100 g)


    Below +4°C, shelf life < 4 days


    Fry in a frying pan or roast on a grill
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    How long you are going to smoke it and at what Tempe are you doing it?these recipe are for grilling there is no cure in them.

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