Anyone use your GOSM on High???

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Aug 6, 2007
Right side of Washington State
The reason I am asking is because I, like quite a few others I am reading, are having a tough time getting down to 225. I would love to have 225 my temp when I am about 1/2 way between the "low" and "medium" setting on the burner so I have some room above and below. Also plan on smoking some salmon this year and will need to go lower.

When I turn the GOSM to high, the burner absolutely ROARS. I can not imagine ever needing that much heat. I think it would burn through a tank of propane in no time. Like the GOSM BBQ grill I have, it is just way too hot.

One of my best friends is a welder. For me, I think the best solution is to have him plug every 4th or 5th hole in the burner. I have no doubt he could do it and it would work. I have one of the needle valves ordered and will give it a try, but I think it maybe trying to get to small of a flame out of the big holes might not work well. I think it would be more effective to reduce the number of flames and keep them bigger rather than to try to get the flame out of each hole smaller.

Again, my only concern is if I will regret not being able to run the smoker hotter later. I do understand that it is summer and things will change a lot when the weather is freezing out. I already have plans to build a wooden cover that will cover the top, back and two sides to keep cold wind off of the smoker and provide a little insulation.

What do you think?
Have you tried cutting down the gas flow from the tank valve? Some people have been calling GOSM and getting new burner assemblies - that may be an option.
I use it on high only when I first turn it on, just for a few minutes to get the cast wood box hot. I have run it at 300F to crisp chicken or turkey skin, then it was only about halfway between med and high. You will find that as air temps cool in the fall it will be easier to go lower.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


How high is high....are your temp gauges should be able to regulate your temps down to the 150* been discussed in other threads about temps with the GOSM's..if ya can't get the temps down low.. ya probably have a regulator problem, which has been an issue with that the manufacture and have them send you a replacement regulator...don't let them give you a bunch of BS and tell ya thats the nature of the beast or to open the door to help get the temps down...insist on the new regulator....Good Luck

I have the Big Block model, and have no problems controlling to what ever temp I want..
Debi, I have been running the smoker with the propane valve just cracked open, it doesn't seem to make a difference. Like I said, I ordered one of the valves that will go on right after the regulator.

Being impatient, I went down to the local hardware store a couple days ago and bought a new regulator. Unfortunately, I did not look close enough and the fitting was not the right size. I haven't been back yet to try to get a different regulator or another fitting.

Vulcan, I meant "High" as in the highest possible heat setting. What I am trying to figure out, is if I do the drastic (plug some of the burner holes) will I regret it later.

My guess is that the burner in the smaller model and the Big Block are the same. It works just fine on the Big Block because there is more volume, more surface area of the smoker allowing more heat to escape as well as vents in the bottom, correct?

Thanks again for all the suggestions. Once I get mine figured out, I'll share info.
Oh, one thing I forgot. I am using an oven thermometer on the top rack. I assume it is close, but could be off some. When the oven thermometer reads 240, the door thermometer reads about 280-290
Yes you will regret plugging things up later...
There is a BIG difference in regulators...a replacement one for a gas grill, won't is a high pressure regulator...the regulators for a smoker is a low pressure one..I can't remember exact numbers but I thing the one for the gas grill is around 10-15 psi, and the one for the smoker is in the 11 inches water column range...which is a big difference in pressures...Like I said before..get a replacement one from the should be able to control the temp down low matter what the volume of smoker size is... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.