Anyone else up late tonight??

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Aug 21, 2006
Shreveport La
Puff is fired up and going good now!! I got a new digital thermometer for my birthday and HAD to try it out. I have a 10 lb full packer, 2 slabs of ribs, 3 chickens, and 5 lb of hotlinks all ready for puff to breath delictible goodness into.

I started out burning a 25 lb bag of Charcoal to get every thing heated up and after an hour, I added 10 lb of lump charcoal and a couple of Oak and Pecan logs for another 30 minutes until the temps were where I wanted. Once I got my smoke chamber temps up to 225, I cracked her open and tossed in a nice 10lb full packer that I have had marinating in the fridge all day. I brought my temps back up to 215 or so and got some more logs ready to go in my small grill off to the side. After an hour, my smoke stack temps were down to 200, so I decided to toss in 3 more logs to bring it back up. After about 15 minutes I was back up to 220 and doing well!

Three hours in, aka 45 minutes ago, I tossed two slabs of ribs on an upper rack and closed her back up. Then I added 5 freshly burned logs from my small grill and I am sitting pretty! I have firebox temps of 450, Smoke chamber temps of 225, a nice almost translucent stream of smoke coming from the top, my brisket temp is up to 131 and there is a most intoxicating sizzle coming from inside as the fat drips down onto the diffuser plate.

I have a few friends coming by between noon and one, so hopefully the meat will cooperate! I will take some pics in the AM when there is some light outside and post them once they get developled. Somehow I don't think my flashlight will give off enough for things to turn out properly.
Zardnok I guess me and you are the official nite owls of the board. I was up but not home. Sounds like your gonna have a good Labor Day meal and your getting that big 'ol smoker mastered.

I'm gonna test run my new GOSM today. Got here this week, but all I got done was seasoning it so far. Kind of limited on time so I'm going with some Italian sausages, a beef roast, and a basket of onions peppers and mushrooms and baked taters.
I love the all night smoke. Sounds like your havin a helps to get something new don't it? 8)
I just woke up. Have I missed anything!?!

Sounds like there will be some good eatin' soon. Please provide us with pictures if possible.

Happy Labor Day everyone,

Just got in from putting 3 racks of baby backs and a yard bird on the BSKD. Gonna add some sausage in a few hours so they are all ready at about the same time.

Hope everyone has a great day. :D
Right back at ya, Rodger!

A soon as the fog lifts I believe we are in for a smashing good day!

Beauuuuutiful morning here Monty. I can hardly believe that the temp is currently 62 degrees. First time I've seen low 60's since march.
I no sooner hit the submit button on my last post and the sky opened up and it poured! I am pretty sure this will pass soon. And everyone is in hardside campers. Well, gotta get buzzin!

Tell me about it! It feels awesome outside right now. I have been kicked back outside watching temps and making sure I had plenty of burnt logs to toss in whenever things drop low.

I sprayed the ribs down with apple juice and brushed the brisket with butter and worcestire sauce. Brisket temps sitting at 155 right now with the smoke stack temp at 220. I just tossed 2 more logs in and came inside to check the forums.

My chickens are marinating in Italian dressing and will hit the smoke in 30-45 minutes when I wrap the ribs in foil.

I will post some pics, but I will need to get the film developped first. I still do not have a digital camera, but maybe for Christmas!
Brisket topped out at 158 and I opened the doors to wrap the ribs in foil and add the 3 chickens I am cooking as well. Chickens were marinated overnight in Italian Dressing and dusted with lemon pepper seasoning. Each one has a can of Miller Lite shoved up its @$$ and they are standing proud on the bottom rack.

I had a hell of a time getting temps back up after having the doors open so long. Not to mention adding 3 cold chickens will probably keep it from topping out very well. I stoked the fire box good with 5 or 6 logs and added some more lump charcoal so the firebox is sitting at about 475. The Smoke stack was stuck at 150 for the longest time, but it has finally crept back up over 200.

The brisket is sitting at 155 now and has been 155ish for the past 2 hours. Time for a quick shower before I check my temps again.
I bet that big beast is hard to get back up to temp once it cools down. Mine is cruising along at about 240, the chicken is at 145 and the ribs are looking real happy. Probably foil the ribs at about 9:30 8) and then I will put on my Po Boy farms smoked sausage from beautiful downtown Crowville, La. :D
Welp, the brisket hit 170 FINALLY and I decided to cheat a bit and finish it off in the oven, so I wrapped it up in some foil and stuck it into the oven, where it is currently sitting at 180. Gonna take it up to 190 or so and then stick it in a cooler for a bit.

The Ribs are looking very very nice! One of the slabs almost tore in half when I was pulling them out. Gotta love some tender ribs!!

The chickens are still going strong. I am about to remove the heat plate from my fire box and move the chickens over to finish them with a bit more heat. Fire box temps are sitting at 375ish right now, so once I take off the heat plate, I expect it to drop down to 350ish and I will let the chickens go for an hour or so before taking them out. Hopefully that will crisp them up a tad.

I have a cast iron dutch oven that I fried up some bacon and onions in and then dumped a big can of Bush's beans on top of. That took the spot of the Brisket that I removed and had rib juice dripping down into it for 45 minutes or so.

Every thing is starting to come together. My guests are arriving in about an hour, so hopefully everything is done and ready to go by then!
Sounds to me like everything is coming together nicely! The last of my company is headed back south and I am in kickback mode with a beer and a plate of leftovers!
Thanks, Rodger! I am already informed of a larger crowd for next year!

I know your weekend went well and all I can say is c'mon white gold! The quicker the white stuff gets here the faster my slush fund grows and the sooner next season is upon us!
I just read about your labor day smoking and wondered about the adding of burned logs. I use a larger water smoker with a firebox but just put fresh logs in all the time. can you explain your process? thanks mjr
mjr- Here is a LINK that talks about using a burn barrel to burn the logs down to embers before placing them in the fire box.

The nice thing about using a barrel is that you burn off any impurities that might be in the wood.

Please take a moment and visit the "Roll Call" Section. Tell us a little about yourself and your smoker.

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