Any recruiters on here?

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May 1, 2013
In the Colorado mountains
No, not recruiters for the military but for SMF!

I work at a place that sells quite a few smokers of different makes and when I get the chance I ask the new owner(s) if they are new to smoking.  If they say "yes" then I highly recommend them to visit the site.  I relay a little of my own story just getting into smoking a few months ago and just how much I've learned on here.

Not sure how many of the folks I've told about the site have looked it up or whether any have joined up.  Talked to a nice couple today that had gotten a Bradley for their son for Christmas.  Wrote down the name of the site on a card and gave it to them.  Hopefully, he'll look us up shortly after Christmas and we'll have yet another member!

Just curious if anyone else "advertises" the site to others?
I learned "sales" on my last tour in the Navy as an officer recruiter.  As a former Naval aviator I was bored with flying (honestly) so I've enjoyed a nice second career in Sales.  Must suck at smoker recruiting though because no one I know in my immediate circle of influence has a smoker or wants to spend the time it takes to smoke meat compared to turnin' and burnin' on a gas grill'.  I do have distant friends outside my immediate circle who own smokers and have been smoking meat for decades.  They're the ones that got ME thinking about smoking meat last August using the equipment I had on hand, two old Weber Kettles.

I've talked smoking meat up though, constantly!  Everyone in my immediate circle always asks me what I've smoked recently on my Kettles.  I talk cooking almost daily with one of the guys who works for me.  He takes a lot of the lessons I've learned with my Kettle to apply to his outdoor cooking on his Kettle.  Unfortunately he just won't take the time to smoke meat.......yet.  I finally got him to look at the Amazing Ribs website and he's absolutely amazed (pun intended) at the info there.  I can see the wheels turning in his head.  I've mentioned SMF to him but to date he hasn't joined.

Another gal at work was asking what charcoal grill to buy her husband for Christmas.  I haven't heard what she bought him but I suspect it was a Weber Performer Kettle.  SMF and Amazing Ribs are the two websites I always recommend to folks.

One of the many reasons (justifications really) why I have a 22.5" WSM Christmas present sitting behind me as I type is to get the guys in my circle of influence to start smoking meat.  They all love to cook indoors and out but they put smoking meat in the same category as learning a foreign language; it would be nice to know but don't have the time.  I'll get them there though.  Time and tastebuds are on my side.   

When we have pot lucks at work the one thing that ALWAYS disappears first is crock pot pulled pork (insert gagging reflex here).  I'm confident enough now in my smoking ability that slow smoked pulled pork is what I'll use to win folks over from the dark side. We had a buildout at work this past July and lost our breakroom and kitchen so the pot lucks are on hold.  Once I master the WSM I just might have to throw a pack up/pack out BBQ feast for the office.  Once they taste what they can do at home and learn how easy it is I know the guys will go shopping for a smoker.          
My first two tours were on ships for a total of nine years straight at see,  Called the detailer up to see what he had to offer.  Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and recruiting without my choice of geographical areas.  I volunteered to take another ship for another two years.  I guess being an officer recruiter was probably different than enlisted (I was a PO1 at the time) but I was told by former recruiters I'd spend less time at home than being on a ship!

Where I work I find those that know something about smoking don't feel the need to "enhance" their knowledge so I don't mention anything about the site to them anymore.  The new comers are very interested but I don't know how many actually visit, let alone show up.
Nope.  A-7E Corsair IIs.  My "I'm bored with flying ah ha moment" came flying 360 knots indicated airspeed down the middle of the road in the Panamint Valley in SoCal, altitude too low to mention publically but nanoseconds away from death if I made a mistake.  My O2 mask was off, arm propped on canopy rail, head resting in hand, yawning.  It hit me, "this is the complacency that kills pilots."  I decided right then I was done. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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