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Any Pellet Munchers out there?


Joined Mar 5, 2008
Hello Everyone! I've been reading the forum for a couple weeks. My Traeger Lil Tex was delivered yesterday. I love it already! I was already using Traeger pellets (apple and cherry) in my MES Smoker (which died and was returned to Cabelas). Since I had to return the MES after just two weeks and 2 uses I decided to go with the Traeger. A Service Tech where I work absolutely loves his and he convinced me to try them.

After the poor reception I received when I called two local dealers I decided to call my friends dealer. He burned in my grill at his shop, delivered it (30 plus miles each way, he's in Iowa), carried it (with his helper) to my 2nd story deck and then they carried down my old Charbroil gas grill. On top of this he gave me two bags of pellets, a free cover, a free Traeger Cookbook, a Traeger Rubs and Shakes sampler, and two nice NY Strips and some ground chuck (my dealer also has a small grocery store in Neola, IA). I could not have asked for better service. He showed me everything I need to know about the grill and wants me to call if I have any questions or issues.

Last night I cooked some pork steaks with hickory pellets. For lunch today I made burgers out of the ground chuck with cherry pellets. For dinner tonight I'm going to cook the Strips with cherry pellets also.

Ok, enough of my ramblings... just had to post about my Traeger, I love it already.

BTW... I love this forum. Everyone is helpful and freely shares their knowledge and experiences. It is greatly appreciated!




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I seen that Sam's club website has a couple pellet poopers on there that are marketed under the Smith and Wesson name and they had pellets too.....I can't remember the price on the smokers, but I remembe thinking the pellets weren't to badly priced........I was even temped on gettting some pellets and using in my little cheif, just because they had wood flavors that I can't find in chips or chunks in my area.......Well I just thought I would pass that info on to everyone.......


Joined Apr 5, 2008
As an Ambassador for Traeger I am available for shows and store openings to cook for people. I don't get paid by them, I just love my Traeger that much!! Most people I live around have little to no pride in what they cook. Using gas grills and calling it BBQ. The Traeger is a great way of getting people to take pride in what they cook. It's as easy as gas, but much more flavor. I, too, have several cookers/stickburners. Some of which I've made, my Traeger still beats them.

As for the pellets they are bound with Lignin, which is the natural glue which holds plant fiber together. So you don't have to worry about glues or chemicals getting into your food.

I could still be coaxed into dusting off my double barreled smoker, from time to time!


Joined Apr 1, 2008
Count me in as a Traeger owner. My boss had one and I realized how easy it would be to make some decent BBQ. The price really put me off, but I started checking Craigslist and found a guy who was selling a Lil Tex Elite BRAND NEW NEVER USED for $500. This thing is $999 new so I snatched it up quickly. When I picked it up, it was truly brand new, never even broken in and even came with a 20lb bag of hickory pellets.

The only complaint about my model is there are only 3 heat settings since it didn't come with the digital thermometer. High, medium, and smoke. The smoke setting settles around 175-185. Medium is between 285 and 300. And high is 400-450. As any BBQ'er can see, there is a major important temperature range missing: the 220-240 degree range. I can't obtain/maintain that temperature without buying an additional $180 part. I feel like Traeger did that on purpose to sell more additional parts so I am kind of resentful of that, but otherwise I love the grill. So far I've smoked several baby back and spareribs and one brisket that was absolutely delicious. Even lacking that temperature I can make good Q, but I guess I'll have to invest in that digital add-on to really dial in what I want to do with it.


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I bought a Smith & Wesson 38 Speical in Jan 08 from Sportmans Warehouse. A little over $500. It is made by Trager. It also has 3 setting, but have order a new dital controler for it. Most Trager dealer sell them w/ditial controler on them. I dearly love mine. looking forward to the new controller so I can have more choices of temps. Have cooked many things on mine from veggie to meats, bisquits and cakes, pizzas. smoke most every weekend. and grill week days.


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Joined Jun 23, 2008
"Pellet Poopers", "Pellet Munchers", we Traeger owners just can't no respect! But we sure can get some satisfaction!!

I've smoked on wood, charcoal, electric, gas, wet, dry, almost everything but the Egg. The more I read about Traeger, especially by owners, the more sense it made.

The price is a huge turn-off for sure. But they are very well made so I decided to bite the bullet. I bought a Traeger Deluxe for $1,500 (used twice, retails for ~$2,300, guy's wife was a vegetarian, no kids). Traegers are flying out the door around this town. And there are no deals to be had (unless a free bag of pellets is a "deal").

I love stick burners but life is short and good smoke wood is hard and expensive to find. Buying 10# bags on line just wasn't getting it done for me. We don't have hickory or mesquite around here and fir trees leave this strange Pinesol aftertaste on the brisket! -:)

Traegers use real hard wood bound with lignin (a natural wood by-product). Very clean and easy. Just vaccum out the firebox.

The best part of using a Traeger is the temperature control. Start cooking on medium for an hour or two and then back off to the smoke setting for as long as you want smoke. You can smoke a brisket for 18 hours on "Smoke" or 4 hours on "High". Talk about thin blue smoke!! The digital thermometer just monitors the temp and slows down the auger. Hard to do with wood or charcoal.

I hope to share some ideas and recipes with my fellow Traegerheads!!


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Guys this is my first post, sorry I have not properly introduced myself.

I also have the Traeger Deluxe. Since they are made here in Oregon we hear about them a lot, and once trying the food at a buddies, decided I had to have one. The Deluxe has a large cooking space, and has the digital temp control. For those that have this, if your smoke setting is too high, mine settled in at 270, there is a way to adjust the time of the auger shut off. (there is a dial on the back of the control unit which is easily adjusted) Smoke setting now at 180, and max is 450. Either call Traeger, or ask and I will describe how to do it.

Results are phenominal. Have done butts, brisket, chicken, turkey, flank steak, pork tenderloin, salmon, ABT's......all are outstanding. Using hickory, mesquite, apple, and have bags of alder and pecan that I will be using soon.

I have used other smokers, charcoal, propane, and wood fired pit, and was able to achieve good consistant results. I find the traeger performs just as well as the others, with one benefit.......no hassle. Sunday I smoked a brisket for nine hours.....attended one daughters soccer game, and anothers basketball game.....without having to tend to anything.

I was skeptical about the pellets giving a true flavor, but I find they really provide an excellent result. I also like the choice of wood speices available, and they are easily stored.

No I do not work for the company, but give a bit thumbs up to their product.

Anyhow, learning much from this site, glad I found it.


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I got 2 COOKSHACK FEC-100'S , and love 'em. for comps and personal use ,just set it and forget it!!!!

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