Any Pellet Munchers out there?

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
I've been smoke'n for a long time, really got into it 1 yr ago when I got a Traeger. Was wonder'n if anyone else had a Traeger or any other type of pellet burning smoker.

I feel like the lone ranger with all the other types of smokers out there. Look'n for some "relatives" to talk with. No "in-laws" please. :)

Also, if you don't like pellet smokers let me know. You won't hurt my feelings. I really don't care what you think anyway....:)

Thanks guys/gals.
At last year's County Fair, there was a Traeger display. Personally I thought they would be great. Dislikes: Small grill space and the pellets were spendy. The price of the whole unit was also spendy for me at the time.
Someone around my area must have a pellet smoker because I have been noticing a lot of the stores selling pecan wood pellets. I've looked at the traeger's and they look great, just out of my budget
I totally agree w/both of you guys. I got this one as a gift from parents. I know why they bought it now...........they wanted some smoked meat.

I had friends that had them, I said I'd never buy one 'cause of costs. Now I think that the cheapest thing is the price of the smoker. I bet I spent more on meat(that I wouldn't have bought anyway) than on the smoker.

Even w/the temp probs I've had, I'd buy one myself. But then again, I'd like to try out a char-grillerw/sfb for kicks........if I could find a friend w/one to borrow for a weekend.

Hated my bullets (one mine, the other was dads, nice of him to let me do the cook'n) I didn't know what the hell I was do'n though.

Anyway, thanks for the info/response.
The local place in town that sells Traegers was set up at our county fair last summer also. I had a piece of pork butt off it and it was turning out good stuff. The cost was also what shut me off.

I guess it's official are SMF's lone pellet pooper.
Call me a pooper, call my smoker a pooper, I don't care if you like Hank. Lotta good times w/Hank.

aside from bs, price is the stopper on these. I wish they'd lower their price, .........I guess I can dream in one hand and _______ in the other.

I gotta do some recurit'n, don't want to be the only one.
I am intrigued by them if anything. I would think pellet cost would not be a factor, because I would think that pellets would burn good and hot for a long time like they do in a pellet heating stove. Again, I would think.
Do they have an auger and a hopper like some of the stoves?
What do they use to bind the sawdust? I think that would be a questionable issue to me.
I personally really like the stick burners. Some say it's purism, but really if I were a purist, I'd have a wooden smokehouse on my trailer rather than a steel tube.
There's just something about cutting, splitting, and seasoning wood that I like. Makes me appreciate the effort I've made even more. Although here lately I have made some purchases for wood, because I can't find it on my property. I might be getting too fat to harvest my own.
You think you are in the minority? Pellet technology (if you want to call it that) is relatively new, especially for smokers. So really, you are at the beginning of what will probably become a popular way to smoke. Maybe call yourself a Pioneer.
When Brinkman introduces a pellet conversion kit, you will no longer be a minority, because everyone will jump on that bandwagon.
Seems to me that stick burners are a dying breed.
I don't want to say you are wrong Gunslinger, but I disagree. Stick burners will never die. I wish I had trees to get wood from, alot of smoke'n meat is in the prep and way you smoke the meat. I'm actually look'n at make'n my own stick burner for the "fun" of smoke'n. No fun in turn'n on a pellet smoker, put meat on, take meat off. I need another challenge, and I want to fit in.......:).

We used to have a pellet stove in our house, I actually use the same type pellets to "thin" out the expensive "flavored" pellets like mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, and pecan. One thing I really like is the choice of wood. Where I'm from I have a choice of elm, locust, and evergreen.........and we all know that you only smoke meat w/evergreen for the in-laws :). So now I have a choice.

If you want an easy smoke'n experience w/very good results, get a pellet smoker. If you want to pound your chest and say "I build fire, smoke meat, eat, family happy, I good!", then make your own smoker.

I want it easy sometimes and I want to pound my chest sometimes. Guess I better get some welding rod.............

They'll never die. I just think that with the burbs moving closer and closer to rural America and the destruction of forest land, there is less and less wood available to people that don't know where to look.
Then there is the convenience part. Who wants to hang out with a stick burner all day and night, like me?
Then there is this forum. Look at the smoker sections here. Much more interest in charcoal and gas than wood.
I'm not saying anything against owning these other types of smokers. It's owner preference, and as I've stated here before, it's all about the outcome, the final product, and not how you got there.
Now this will be taken wrong I know, but then I'm an idiot. But some of it is appearance. I know guys with BGE's that only bought them to impress. I've been there when these guys drool over it and say "Dude, you got a Big Green Egg, what did you do, rob a bank." The same guys come to my place and say, "I can't believe something that ugly turns out such great Q." And they have ZERO appreciation for the fact that I was up ALL night getting their food ready so they'd have dinner at 6 straight-up. Or that my "ugly" smoker has been an ongoing project for over 10 years now. That's why I don't entertain them anymore. My Q is for my family and a few close friends, most of whom have stick burners, or are fellow gear-heads. The only reason we congregate for Q is to compare notes and compete with each other for the best brisket or butt. It's all in fun though.
I'll tell you this for sure though. When I've been up all night, and my eyes are on fire from being open so long and filled with smoke, I often contemplate converting to gas. But then I've got to much time invested into my project to make the perfect stick burner.
PRIDE! That is what is comes down to. I'd feel much better about my Q if I'd built my own smoker, got a burn on my forearm, and bloodshot eyes than w/ a smoker someone else built.

I'd like to keep my pellet burner for lazy times, but build my own smoker for the "he-man" times. Noth'n better than goin to a bar/party/anywhere with a scare and say, "yep, I got that when I made 3 briskets, 2 chickens, 4 racks of ribs, and a fattie". It's a man thing, gotta hurt to have good........that is why we get married...:)
BigAl-If I remember correctly Jim Minion has a Traeger in his smoking arsenal. I've only seen him on here once or twice since we went to the new server. You could always send him a PM.
Ok, for some reason I was thinking it was you, Dutch. Couldn't remember. Didn't want to call you out on that.

How the ______ can you remember that kinda stuff? I've already forgot where I left my underware! :)

Yea, I don't see him much on here. He is an asset that is for sure.
I have a traeger and love it. My name is Randy 1st time i have posted have been reading and absorbing all your knowledge on here for a while.
Big Al -

You've got one heck of a smoker there! If it does what you want it to do, who cares if you bought it or built it? It's all about good food isn't it?

I'd love the convience of these automatic smokers with computer temperature regulators and stuff but for me they're cost prohibitive. So for now I enjoy good food from my ECB-AIO and nobody cares that it cost less than $100.

Well I feel the same way as gunslinger, Im a wood burner and will go out burning wood. Nothing wrong with all the other cookers guess im just old fashioned and set in my ways. I would be proud to hang out with all of you and cook meat, shoot the bull and have a few cold ones and maybe even pull a cork a time or too.
Been told I have a mind like a steel trap-mostly a rusty steel trap.
Hey! Whatever floats yer boat. I prefer a stick burner, ya can kinda get that earthy zen thing going, but when the temps hit zero…you can call me gurlie man, cause Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll be lookin for my gasser! Cause itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s gotta be fun!
Marvin -

I'll admit that wood is the ultimate smoke - but it's not practical for everyone. It seems that some folks get a bit ... hmmm ...almost embarased if they don't have a huge wood burning smoker. Not necessary! We do what we can do, with what we have to work with right? If you happen to have a nice wood burner ... and you built it yourself that's wonderful, but if you don't that's okay too. Me ... I'd be happy just to touch the Hot Rod!

Hey BigAL you now have the traeger brother you have been begging for.

For those of you that don't have a traeger I understand why the $$$$$ factor would make you shy away. If you are thinking about buying one, ask your traeger dealer for a loaner for the weekend. Out local dealer will toss one in the back of your truck and provide the pellets for up to a week I believe. It gives a guy a chance to try one out before falling in love and spending a $1000. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.