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Meat Mopper
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Sep 11, 2013
Pueblo, Co
 Well after reading MR. T's Cheese sticky I partook in my adventure of my First Cheese Smoke.

The looks I got from my wife when I told her I was gonna smoke cheese.  ROTF..
.  Then she smelled the great smoke from Todd's AMNPS and pellets.

In the above pic i have some Colby and Mild Cheddar with some of Todd's Alder Pellets. Smoked em in middle racks of my MB30 Dual/fuel. Ambient outside temp was a great 40 deg.

left in the smoke for about 3 hours. Not a lot of color but smells Awesome!!  Oh and of course tried it right out the smoke and yea take my word for it just package it and wait..Lol. Thanks to Mr. T for his thread. One more week to go before next sampling.
MMMMMMM!  We just had mac a cheese with my meltings from my 2nd try at cheese the other day.  Wow was it good!  Everyone loves it.

Can't wait for my AMNPS to arrive tomorrow with the apple pellets, then gonna smoke, mozzi, jack, cheddar, swiss, Parmesan,and munster.

Those should do much better with the right equipment.

Ok here is a update on my smoked cheeze. It has been roughly two weeks and i have notice a considerable color change in the Cheddar but not the Colby. Also got into the Christmas spirit and made my family a sampler meat and smoked cheeze tray. Sampled some in the process and was satisfied with the two week wait. Very mild smoke flavor in the Colby but still somewhat pronounced in the Cheddar.

Yes those are little snowmen and Christmas trees. Merry Christmas SMF may the TBS flow freely for you.
That looks great!  I will be sampling my 2 week old mozzi, jack, cheddar and munster tomorrow.

So many more cheeses out there to try!  I just can't wait to do others, Parmesan, Havarti, Mancheca and some of the spreadable cheeses like Brie. 

Thank u Leah, It is definitely fun and my family has come tolove the recipes from this forum. Merry Christmas to u and your family. And keep smoking.
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