Another 20# run of Cajun Tasso...

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Apr 27, 2017
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I caught a great pork butt sale last Thursday ($0.88/#) and backed the truck up! Bought 140# for various projects. Made 60# of andouille and while I was trimming the butts for that, I cut out enough coppa muscles for 20# of tasso. Put those in a tub to cure for 5 days with 1.4% salt and 0.25% cure #1. Pulled those out this morning to smoke.

5 days later cured and ready to smoke..

1 cup Worcestershire sauce an 2 TBSP. Louisiana Hot Sauce to wet the surface of the steaks for the tasso rub to stick

The steaks wet down on a sheet pan ready for the rub

Good thick coat of the tasso rub



Hung them on poles over the backs of chairs with a fan on them to warm to room temp. and dry them a little while I got the smokehouse warmed up and ready. Once they were dry and tacky, in the smokehouse @120*F heavy smoke with hickory and white oak...I mean pour the smoke to it...thicker, dirtier the better for 2 hours. Keep in mind that this is a seasoning meat so the more smoke punch the better! Then raise the temp. to 140*F and clean the smoke up to Thin blue smoke. Let them go for another 2 hours. After the first four hours, open the door and check the color. If they look good, increase smokehouse temp. to 260*F and smoke for 1 1/2 hours.

And done!
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