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  1. The oval water pan has become one of our favorite cooking pans in the smoker (and in the oven ) LOL  I wish they made a wire rack to fit it that we could put stuff on to keep it off the bottom of the pan. There is so much that fits perfectly in the pan It would be so handy.

       Heck I'd buy one now.

       Mr Bill
  2. daricksta

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    I don't have my water pan in front of me. What are the inside and outside dimensions of it? There might be some aftermarket roasting racks that could work. Here's an idea which might be too large--but it's an idea:
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    Mr. Bill you can make a grate using expanded metal,trace out the oval shape,leave extra on 4 end to bend,that will keep the meat out of the juice.Hope you can understand this.
  4.   The dimensions are 12 x 8.5 in   - excellent I'll order the 6x9 the little empty space between the rack & the pan will be minimal - The enamel type coating will make an excellent smoking & general purpose rack ,and the reviews are real good. Ima gonna order 2 .  I hate to see a nice peace of meat simmering in juices while its supposed be engulfed in good ole smoke.

       Thanks every one        Mr Bill 
  5. daricksta

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    Mr. Bill, 6x9 is exactly what I would've recommended. Hope it does the job for you.
  6. I'll post when I use it - gotta wait till my check comes in and order 2 plus something else good so I get free shipping.    Thanks guys. I just need to make more posts now with some Pics bear carver has hooked me on Double smoked hams  (with a little twist of my own) 

            Love this site.   Mr bill

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