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AMZPS Question or Issue?


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Joined Jan 7, 2013
I put a 7.5 lb brisket in my Bradley this morning at 7 I am using the AMZPS with oak pellets.  I wanted about 6 hours of smoke so I filled two rows of the AMZPS.  Fired off the pellets they began smoking beautifully TBS.  About an hours or so later I looked outside and the smoker was billowing lots of white smoke.  I actually thought the pellets had ignited but upon opening the smoker that was not the case.  To make a long story short the smoke last about three hours instead of the 6 I planned.  I am not sure what caused this as I have used the AMZPS a couple of times without this problem.  Internal temp of the smoker 230.  My thought is I had the smoker too close to the heat source.  I pulled the brisket at 1230 foiled and back in IT 165.  Any help or ideas are appreciated.


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I am not familiar with the Bradley, but could it be that you had a stronger draft for some reason? Was it windier than normal? Anything on the smoker set up differently?  You may be right on with the AMNPS being too close to the heat source. Hopefully someone with a Bradley will come along with some guidance.

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