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    Just got mine delivered yesterday.  18" version.  I'm working out of a MES 40.  Also got 2 5lb bags of pellets from them (apple and pecan)

    After reading the instructions and poking around a bit, I have a couple of questions.  First is how do you fill it if you don't want the full time?  Do you stuff some tin foil in there and just fill it like 6 inches if you only want two or three hours?  Or do you fill the whole thing and pour out the burning part when done?

    Second has to do with the MES.  I see some people here pull out the loader to get air flow, is that really necessary or just if you're having trouble keeping it lit?  It's really windy here all the time so I think that might be too much, but I'm not sure. 

    Any other advice on this before I use it?
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  2. Don't you have to give up rack space to fit the 18 inch model?  Your suggestion of foil is a good option, but it may be a pain to fish the foil out for longer burns. 
  3. caradoc

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    Seems to fit fine just sitting on the rack against the back, I had to heat it up for a while to burn off the oil.

    Has nobody partially filled these things? 
  4. I haven't done a partial fill yet.  The model I have is only twelve inches, so it has a 4 to 6 hour burn. For ribs, a single burn is about right, for longer smoke, it may get filled twice.  I tend to not sweat the pellet cost, when the meat tends to be the major expense. 
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    Yes you can partially fill the tube. No need to stuff anything in it. Just fill with the amount you want. Light and go Smokin. I have the twelve and the eighteen and have done this many times.

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