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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by kandl, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Okay I've been using my UDS for a few months now.  Love it!  Best decision I ever made was building that UDS vs buying a smoker from the big box store.  Anyway this winter I want to try out some cold smoking as well as continue hot smoking meats through out the winter.  That being said I'm looking at getting an AMNPS.  I want to attach the AMNPS to the UDS with a mail box or something similar and run it that way.  I already have a mailbox that I can use unless I find something better in the meantime.   My questions are:

    1.  Will running the AMNPS on the side of the UDS also be adequate for cold smoking in the UDS?

    2.  Which AMNPS is recommended for this? (I was looking at the 5x8 Pellet smoker)

    3.  When cold smoking do you have to use dust instead of pellets?

    and last but not least

    4.  Will the AMNPS provide enough smoke that I would not need to add wood to my charcoal basket when hot smoking on the UDS?

    Thanks for you help as usual!

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  2. pc farmer

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    Watching this.

    My answers.

    1) YES

    2) YES  I will be using the 5x8 pellet smoker.  Tube smoker might work better?

    3) NO

    4) Not sure.
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  3. Thanks Farmer! I also wondered about the tube smoker.  I don't really know the pros and cons of the Tube vs the Tray.... So I guess that would be question # 5 LOL