AMNPS with cajun injector electric smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnnyb99, Feb 18, 2014.

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    I recently bought the cajun injector electric smoker and have done just a few smokes on it so far. I am wondering if anyone here has used the AMNPS with this smoker. I have been hearing alot of good things about the product but want to know if it will work well in my smoker. The smoker only produces smoke for about 30 minutes before having to add more chips. Also, I'm assuming this would allow me to cold smoke by using just the AMNPS and not running the smoker?
  2. johnnyb99

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    Giving this a bump. Hoping someone can chime in.
  3. seenred

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    Hi Johnny. I don't know anything much about your rig, but they look similar to an MES? My understanding is that Todd designed the AMNPS to perform in a Masterbuilt Electric (I know for a fact it works great in those...I used to cook on one), so it stands to reason they'd work well in any similarly designed electric.

    Maybe someone who has experience with the Cajun Injector will weigh in.

  4. johnnyb99

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    Thanks red. Might be a good investment for me to pick one up. I think my smoker is fairly close in design to the MES. I can't say that I have seen the pellets or dust sold in the store but I assume they are easy to find. What would be the difference between using the pellets vs dust?
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    Been looking thru the acronym pages, but I don't see AMNPS. What's that?
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    At the top of the page click on "Visit Smoking-Meat.Com" and then click on Jeff's Favorites.  You will find the link for AMNPS there.

  7. daricksta

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    Travelbilly, A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker. You can find more info here:

    The AMNPS is all I use as the smoke source in my MES 30.
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  8. daricksta

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    Looks like your smoker is very similar to a MES 30; not as much wattage (650w vs. 800w for the MES 30), but larger cooking area (735 sq. in vs. 721 for the MES 30 (I'm talking Generation 1 here).

    Looks like the AMNPS would fit nicely on the rack to the left of what looks to be the wood chip holder/heating element cover on the bottom. It looks like it should be wide enough.
  9. daricksta

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    Johnnyb99, here's a link to Todd Johnson's A-MAZE-N page where he talks about the difference between his dust and pellets:

    I use his wood pellets in my AMNPS and they're the best.
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  10. dj54

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    I have a cajun injector smoker and use the amps pellet smoker. It works fine on the bottom left hand shelf. Only thing is i have to leave the door cracked open or it will go out due to oxygen starvation ( i guess ) leaving the door cracked doesnt seem to hurt anything. Good product, you cant go wrong with purchasing it
  11. daricksta

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    The AMNPS is all I use for cold smoking and it works great. Just gotta watch out for it going depending on the weather outside and the airflow inside. Todd Johnson suggested to me that I put two jugs of frozen water in the smoker to keep the temp low. The ice typically melts before I'm through smoking but it's possible I cold smoke a couple of hours longer than I need to so I'm going to try shortening the time with my next cold smoke. Be aware that
  12. Just finished up bacon 2day. It worked fine, Just had to fill in a total of 2 times to get a 12 hour smoke..... I crush some pellets to mix with the wholes to insure the tube smoker stays lit....
  13. Hey Johnnyb!

     I have the Cajun injector smoker.

    I do not use the side chip chute anymore.

    I only use the amazing smoker that works flawlessly every time.

     A few tips that might make the results more predictable:

    1) Place the amazing smoker on the two rails that extend to the left of the chips tray.

    2) Use the small metal rack wrapped with foil to shield the amazing smoker from the dripping fat from extinguishing the pellets.

    3 Allow about two inches of the foil to extend and "curl" against the left wall of the Cajun injector smoker to direct the dripping fat away from the pellets and encapsulate the oxygen coming off the chip tray.

    4) Place the pellets in the microwave a few minutes before use to get rid of any moisture.

    5) You will get aprox. 1 1/2  hour per row of pellets.

    6 Leave your top vent wide open.
  14. I recently purchased a Cajun Injector ($129 on sale at Academy Sports) and just received my AMNPS. I will be doing a mailbox mod to mine.
    A full tray of pellets should give you upwards of 8-9 hrs of burn time. As per Todd's instructions that come with the AMNPS, placing it directly next to or above your heat source will shorten burn time considerably.
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  15. Hey guys newto this forum, I have bought the MES 40" and am wondering what this AMNPS is and how do you make it work in the smoker. Any help would be appreciated. I am smoking ribs at this moment and I cannot see any smoke ring.
  16. daricksta

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    Welcome, Soks3d. For a quick answer to your AMNPS answer, go here:

    I own and love the 5x8 which I use in my MES 30. I also buy all my pellets from Todd at that website. You can also find AMNPS videos on You Tube. When I first got my smoker I quickly learned that dealing with wood chips was a real hassle. I found this forum and saw a lot of guys recommending the AMNPS. Some of those guys became friends who's advice I highly respect and so I ordered the AMNPS and it's been a game changer with smoking. You fill it up with the amount of pellets you need, light it, and it can produce smoke on its own for up to 12-16 hours depending on several factors. I've smoked baby back ribs, brisket, turkey breast, salmon, and cheeses with it with great results. The results will one day be outstanding after I really know what I'm doing around my smoker.
  17. Thanks daRicksta, I will check that site out.
  18. daricksta

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    dj54, I saw an episode of Man Fire Food on Cooking Channel. The host was with a guy who's a pro and was using a professional box smoker and smoke was pouring out all around the closed door. If the pros have no problem with it then we shouldn't.
  19. I have a Cajun Injector smoker and I bought the AMNPS recently. You should place the AMNPS either on the small rack to the left and above the chip tray or on the two rods directly beside the tray. One thing to remember is always put the lit side of your AMNPS towards the chip tray. If you put the lit side next to the wall, it will not get the proper air flow.
    I realized my amnps was backwards after I took this pic.
    220°, door shut tight, TBS is rolling
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    Thanks to everyone for all of your responses.  I'm hoping one of the presents I open tonight will be the AMNPS I've been waiting to get! :)  I'm smoking a Turkey as I type this and was thinking how nice it would be to not have to go out and add wood chips all the time.  

    I'm glad to hear that others are having success with using it in the Cajun Injector.  It looks like the only main hurdles are keeping oxygen to it, and keeping drippings off of it.  I have just a couple more questions for you folks using this in the cajun injector. 

    Are you removing the wood chip box?

    How are you "cracking the door open" for more oxygen?

    Has anyone tried propping the wood chute door open for air flow?

    I don't know what I would do without this forum.  You guys are awsome.

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