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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by meatpacker, Dec 8, 2015.

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    Well I have seasoned my new MES and bought a AMNPS and seasoned it as well. I also ran a load of pellets thru it but it kept going out. The first time it went  after burning the first row and turning onto the second. The second time I lit the other end and again it ran out just before it finished the second row. I was using my Holland grille. First time with the grille closed and the second with the lid open. I have read some history on here and some say heat the pellets in oven or microwave so I may try that. Read the idea of putting it in the MES before lighting as well. I was thinking I had a no hassle sure fire smoker but now I'm unsure. If you have to pre-dry and do all of that special lighting tactics e.g. blowing on the pellets ...................... Should the design of the AMNPS have included legs for more airflow?
  2. I see you don't have your location listed. Knowing that would help, because the amnps works at low elevations and the tube works at higher elevations. Sometimes the pellets won't turn the corner if the tray is not filled to the top. Other than that it should burn if you have air flow.
    I light my tray, let the flame burn out, blow on it till it flames again and let it burn out again. Place it on the rods to the left side of the chip tray, pull chip tray out 1 inch and pull the chip loader out two inches. Open the top vent wide open.

    Smoke it up.
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    Elevation as stated above does play into if your pellets will keep lit or not in the AMNPS ! I'm at around 5,000 feet & have to use dust in my AMNPS, the dust works great ! If you are at higher elevation, you can use the pellets in the AMNTS... They will burn fine in that one !
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    I live in Dublin, GA so no high elevation. As I stated I ran it first on my Holland so there should have been plenty of air flow since the second time around it was with lid open. Everything I read said not to fill it to the top even on this site. I used the pellets that were sent with the smoker and filled it to within 1/8 to 1/4 inch.  ???????????????????????   I guess no invention is perfect so I guess it's not hands free even with the added smoker and bluetooth. Maybe I should call Masterbuilt and see if they could add a smoke monitor to their bluetooth technology. :)

    But thanks everyone and maybe it's just part of the learning curve for the user.
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    I would reach out to Todd at Amazen Products. He will be able to help you as he has done extensive testing with the MES.
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    I think it's a great product, but I agree with most here that the pellets still need to be microwaved.  I will microwave a small bowl (about 1 -1.5 rows) for about 45 seconds, toss, then again for 45 seconds.

    Make sure you let the thing burn with a flame for 5 minutes before putting it in the smoker.  Sounds like you did that since you made it to the turn.

    "Elevation" is in reference to your smoker.  The AMNPS goes down low.  The tube can be put on the first rack above the water tray.

    You need good ventilation, too.  Was the lower vent open, too?

    In order for me to get good air flow, I added a 3" elbow duct to the top of my MES.  Seems to help.

    I think you can PM Todd Johnson.  He's always been good at getting back with me to answer questions.

    My 2 cents.
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    I take the chip loader out of the MES and my amnps burns fine. i do nuke the pellets
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    As I said in another post of the same question... Fill your tray and put it in the smoker UNLIT while the smoker is pre heating.. this will in turn dry and also pre heat pellets... light pellets when putting food in the smoker.. seems to work well for me...
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  11. +3.....I used my once and had to re-light it about 10x.....:(
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